Five years ago today, CLEVER helped the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of Make-A-Wish make Miles Scott a superhero, and the world cheered him on!

Miles had a wish to become #Batkid (or #SFBatkid), and our San Francisco Bay Area community came together to turn San Francisco into Gotham.

But, where is he now?

We’re delighted to report Miles is now 10-years-old, and he’s a happy, healthy fifth grader. He’s been in remission from leukemia since before his wish.

#Batkid remains our proudest work to date. At the time, it was the largest “non-coup” event ever to unfold live on Twitter. What started as a call-to-action to our network members to share a little boy’s wish became an intergalactic sensation. Literally! This is a photo of an astronaut outside the International Space Station the day BEFORE the event.

Our social media strategy for Miles’ super heroic wish—from conception to execution—took about eight days. (A client project usually requires 4 weeks’ lead time before launch date.) Our entire company activated to ensure Miles’ wish came true.

CLEVER colleagues were embedded with Miles throughout the day as the rest of our staff worked behind the scenes in the “Bat Cave” to ensure everything went smoothly. It was truly a team effort.

Geek out about the strategy behind how we did it here.

Or, watch our comic book video showing how we did it here.

Or, see us featured in the award-winning documentary, Batkid Begins, here.

Miles, we wish you and your family well. It was an honor to help make your wish come true. You continue to inspire us in our work every single day. Thank you for saving the day!

-Stefania Pomponi for CLEVER

Some of our favorite #Batkid moments:

#Batkid By The Numbers:

  • People who RSVP’d to volunteer: 16,077
  • Estimated size of the crowd at City Hall: approximately 20,000
  • Number of #SFBatkid/#Batkid tweets generated: 545,576
  • % of all tweets coming from outside US: 13%
  • Number of countries where Batkid was discussed: 117
  • Total tweets: 555,697
  • % of all tweets that were deemed “positive”: 96%
  • Number of Instagram photos with #SFBatkid: 16,000
  • Number of hits per second to all Make-A-Wish websites during peak: 1,400
  • Number of wishes granted by our chapter each year: approximately 400
  • Overall Social Impressions: 2 BILLION