Years later, the power of #SFBatkid is still in full-effect!

Millions of people all over the world tuned in on social media to watch Miles Scott save Gotham (a.k.a. San Francisco) in 2013, generating two billion impressions! Powering the social media behind the #Batkid initiative is CLEVER’s proudest work to date. We are thrilled to see #SFBatkid featured in Ad Age’s 2017 article, #Hashtag10: A Look Back at the 10 Tags That Shaped Advertising as part of roundup that includes advertising heavy-hitters like #ShareACoke and #MyCalvins! 

You can access the full round-up HERE and make sure to check out CLEVER’s behind-the-scenes video documenting how #Batkid and social media helped saved Gotham! 

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