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With Beauty Influencers, It’s Authenticity Over Airbrushing

I’m at the salon. I flip through the pages of a glossy magazine and find myself coveting the perfect-for-fall lipstick shade that the flawlessly skinned, airbrushed-into-oblivion model is wearing… but, I know even if I buy the lipstick, I won’t look like she does.

Later, I scroll through my Instagram feed and watch a normal-looking person do a quick makeup tutorial that transforms her from everyday to movie-star-esque, just by using ordinary makeup products in Read Full Post »


CLEVER on Prestigious Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Private Companies List


This morning, CLEVER was announced as one of Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2017!

For the second year in a row, Inc. magazine has included CLEVER on its highly-coveted Inc. 5000 list—the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies with CLEVER ranking 1,706. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment— its independent small and midsized businesses.

In Read Full Post »


Like a Boss: Cat Lincoln x Fit Bottomed Girls’ Podcast

Virtual show of hands: Women in business, have you ever been ‘cupcaked?’ Probably.

CLEVER CEO & Founder, Cat Lincoln, breaks it down on Fit Bottomed Girls’ aptly-titled podcast series: Like a Boss. Proud to #runitlikeagirl, the must-hear podcast touches on numerous empowering and insightful topics—check it out!

Fun Fact(s): Fit Bottomed Girls is one of our favorite CLEVER members to work with *and* Cat’s episode is co-hosted by former CLEVER, Kristen Seymour!Read Full Post »


CLEVER Questioned the Advertising World & Established Influencer Marketing

In the early days of influencer marketing—long before the industry even had a name—my co-founders and I recognized an opportunity: Brands wanted bloggers to talk about their products, but they had no idea of how to do it. We did.

Of course, it was more complicated in practice. To unpack the power delivered by this fresh form of marketing, we had to question the very future of advertising. It was a risky move, but one … Read Full Post »


Instagram Pods & Influencer Marketing Authenticity: Stefania Pomponi for Marketing Tech

“Thoughtful, creative, compelling content doesn’t need ‘gamification’ in order to help it catch fire. We also believe in authentic engagement.” — Stefania Pomponi on Instagram pods for Marketing Tech.

The term ‘Instagram pods’ has been buzzing around our industry lately. Banding together in groups no larger than 30, influencers within an Instagram pod agree to engage with every post their fellow pod members share. This behavior allows pod members to gain visibility under

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Inside the Influencer Mind: 2017 Featured on [A]-List Daily

The influencers have spoken: Authenticity continues to reign supreme when it comes to #sponsored content.

Calling out CLEVER’s Inside the Influencer Mind: 2017, [A]List Daily highlights the study’s major findings that make it clear: Influencer authenticity cannot be bought.

Leveraging industry-leading insight from over 700 active influencers, CLEVER’s study is essential in navigating the world of influencer marketing. Make sure to follow [A]-List Daily’s direct link to gain full access to Read Full Post »


Inside the Influencer Mind: 2017 Featured on PR Daily

“If you think ‘influencer’ marketing is a joke or a passing fad, it’s time to reconsider.” — PR Daily.

As the industry-defining influencer marketing agency, CLEVER has long recognized the power of the influencer. Our recent white paper, Inside the Influencer Mind: 2017, is a deep-dive study focused on the world of the influencer, offering revealing insights on how brands should navigate the relationship-driven marketing tactic, straight from the source: The Influencer (700+ Read Full Post »


Meet CLEVER Influencer — Loren Ferguson

We’re excited to share CLEVER’s featured influencer for August—Loren Ferguson of Think Elysian! Loren treats her audience to a kaleidoscope of lifestyle topics, covering everything from travel tips to beauty hacks, cocktail recipes to fashion-finds—and everything in-between—Think Elysian is a serious gold mine for the style-driven & the wild-at-heart.

Looking for advice on how to plan an outlandish—and affordable!—adventure? Loren will have you dusting off your passport in no time. Time for a Read Full Post »


Inside the Influencer Mind: 2017 Featured on Mobile Marketer

Influencers are the gatekeepers to our industry. Their thoughts, opinions, and experiences regarding influencer marketing not only provide valuable insight into our industry, but inform how brands and agencies work with influencers.

CLEVER wanted to know what influencers really think, so we surveyed over 700 of our influencers (one of the largest influencer surveys ever!) to find out.

The result, Inside the Influencer Mind: 2017—the definitive exploration of how influencers want to partner with Read Full Post »


Meet CLEVER Influencer — Jenell B. Stewart

This month’s Feature Influencer is Jenell B. Stewart. A pro at the influencer lifestyle, Jenell brings you all-things-woman on her blog! Whether you’re looking for a little support in your #MomLife, or need some practical beauty tips, Jenell is your girl. Covering topics like how to get your kids to play outside, ways to connect deeper with your spouse, and even dipping into recipes – Jenell keeps it real, and that’s why we love Read Full Post »