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Meet The Food Influencers Changing Everything

As I type this blog post, there are currently 118+ million photos on Instagram fastened to the hashtag #foodporn. 56+ million under the #foodie umbrella, and the ever-so-subtle #foodgasm has 24.1+ million posts to its name. We like food. Food is major. Give us more food!

You got it.

Pairing the right influencers with our favorite food brands is in our DNA. From gourmet to everyday, CLEVER’s lineup of multi-tier Food Influencers guarantees to meet Read Full Post »


FTC Crackdown: Honest, Sponsored Content Is Authentic Content” – CLEVER for Campaign Magazine

Vague captions and hidden #ad hashtags are no longer going to cut it when it comes to Influencers identifying sponsored content.

This week, the FTC laid down the law sending letters to 90 celebrities in violation of disclosure guidelines. The industry reacted, and Campaign turned to CLEVER Founder, Kristy Sammis, for her expert opinion on the FTC’s action, thoughts on how authenticity can still thrive under the guidelines, and who is responsible for meeting sponsored Read Full Post »


When Success Looks Questionable, Fake It ’Til You Make It


If you don’t get freaked out once in awhile, you’re probably coasting—at least a little. And yes, that means that sometimes you’re going to flounder and struggle. But if you expect some discomfort to be part of the process, there are several ways you can plan ahead to deal with hard times:

Use your support
First and foremost, have your support system in … Read Full Post »


Meet CLEVER Influencer — Wendy Polisi

Do you love approachable, healthy recipes that are deliciously drool-worthy? What about organic DIY beauty hacks? Oh, you like home decor and parenting pro-tips, as well? Then this month’s featured influencer, Wendy Polisi, is your dream come true! We love working with Wendy because, not only does she produce amazing content in each and every post, but she always brings a unique and inspiring perspective that only a health-focused mom and foodie extraordinaire can Read Full Post »


Go Small Or Go Home: Micro-Influencers Are Crushing It

Ad Age Oped authored by CLEVER Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Kristy Sammis

Influencer marketing is booming, and while there’s still much debate over industry standards and best practices, one thing is clear: micro-influencers are the “it girl” of 2017.

Even in last week’s Ad Age thought piece, “In Defense of the Celebrity Influencer,” author Seth Kean identifies micro-influencers as “advertisers’ new social media darlings.”

There’s a reason for this. Micro-influencers are small … Read Full Post »


Millennials: CLEVER Gets You

Millennials don’t necessarily boast a glowing reputation—especially when it comes to work ethic. But, believe it or not, Millennials aren’t strictly focused on brunching or extending their gap year—Millennials want to work. CLEVER founder, Kristy Sammis, speaks to the tricks of the trade when working with the independent generation to Full Post »



Eight years ago, Cat Lincoln called me up and said, “Want to start an influencer marketing agency with me?” The answer was obvious, and a few months later, I called Kristy Sammis and said, “We need you.” If you ask women, women calling up other women to “do a thing” together isn’t unusual; it’s how sh*t gets done.

When we started CLEVER as a boot-strapped business, we knew we wanted to build a different kind … Read Full Post »


Meet CLEVER Influencer — Agnes Muljadi

This month’s featured influencer is Agnes Muljadi of @artsyagnes. If you’re looking for a little extra artistic flair in your life—Agnes’ Instagram feed is the place to go. Not only does she share expert advice on everything from fashion, to health and beauty – but each post has a distinctly “ballerina” twist. Talk about daily inspiration! Take a peek at Agnes’ feed and kill two birds with one stone: awesome lifestyle tips and get Read Full Post »


Influencer Scandal? The New York Times + CLEVER’s Reminder To Vet Your Partners

Last weekend, CLEVER’s Chief Innovation Officer and Founder, Kristy Sammis, spoke to The New York Times about YouTube phenom, PewDiePie’s, recent fall from grace. PewDiePie (aka Felix Kjellberg) was discovered to have been including racist, anti-Semitic messaging in his popular videos. Intent of Kjellberg’s sardonic stunt aside, Disney Company’s Maker Studios, Google’s YouTube, and Nissan all dropped PewDiePie from their rosters—overnight.

Kristy explains, “There is really a microscope on brands’ values and value Read Full Post »


Cat Lincoln for How Women Can Get the Pay Raises Men Do

It’s no secret that the pay gap between men and women still exists, and it’s even bigger if you are a woman of color. Cat Lincoln, CLEVER’s Founder and CEO, isn’t going down without a fight, and her recent thought leadership piece for Fortune—How Women Can Get the Pay Raises Men Do— proves it.

At CLEVER, we are lucky to have three founders advocating for us on a daily basis—a support system that Read Full Post »