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Employee Spotlight: Valerie Hernandez

Name: Valerie Hernandez

Position: Client Services Project Manager

Location: Seattle, Washington

What do you do for CLEVER? I am a Project Manager on the Client Services team at CLEVER. I execute really amazing programs and work directly with our clients to ensure that programs not only meet—but exceed—their expectations!

How long have you been with CLEVER? 9 months—time flies!

How did you get into your current position? Facebook! Stefania posted about new opportunities at CLEVER—I Read Full Post »


Meet CLEVER Influencer — Adanna Dill

This month’s featured influencer is Adanna Dill of Rattles & Heels, your one-stop-shop blog for motherhood inspiration! Every post on Adanna’s blog is geared towards inspiring and encouraging moms from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking for parenting tips, a fierce new look, inspiring interviews, or even rainy-day crafts—you’ll find it at Rattles & Heels. Adanna is never short on stories that will make you smile and get your creative juices flowing at Read Full Post »


Hitting the Ground Running: Arlene Schusteff Promoted to Chief Sales Officer

2017 may only be a handful of days old, but here at CLEVER, we are wasting no time and making moves—determined to make the new year OUR year. Starting the year off on a powerful and exciting note, we are so very proud to announce the promotion of Arlene Schusteff as CLEVER’s Chief Sales Officer.

In her new role, Arlene will lead the cultivation of new business and growth of existing accounts by planning, negotiating, Read Full Post »


Employee Spotlight: Tori Canonge

Name: Tori Canonge

Position: Membership Services Project Manager

Location: San Jose, CA

What do you do for CLEVER?
I’m the lucky person who gets to match our talented influencers with our wonderful clients. Have a question during a program or just want some feedback? I’m your girl!

How long have you been with CLEVER?
8 months.

How did you get into your current position?
As an influencer myself, I became a CLEVER member in late … Read Full Post »


Employee Spotlight: Taylor Scoma

Name: Taylor Scoma

Position: Product & Influencer Director

Location: San Francisco, CA

What do you do for CLEVER?
I design, create, and maintain CLEVER’s product suite. Essentially, I make sure we have everything we need to sell and execute our amazing products (often sold together as programs).

How long have you been with CLEVER?
5 minutes. Haha, seriously, though, almost 3 months.

How did you get into your current position?
I liked one of our … Read Full Post »



We may not have a water cooler, but we do have Slack (complete with an entertaining use of .gifs). And, no—we don’t settle into our desks next to all 50 employees every morning. But our enthusiastic (and hilarious) online chatting with each other, and genuine knowledge of how one another works through CLEVER’s very own “Office Astrology” (i.e., our use of the Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinders, and other personality assessments) has contributed wildly to our success as Read Full Post »


Employee Spotlight: Sheila Tabuena

Name: Sheila Tabuena

Position: Principal Engineer

Location: San Mateo

What do you do for CLEVER?
I’m the Principal Engineer in the technology department. I develop the server side of our software platform.

How long have you been with CLEVER?
Four years

How did you get into your current position?
When I started four years ago, I was working as part of a team, doing a small part of a planned new product, and doing a … Read Full Post »


Meet CLEVER influencer — Keyma Morgan

This month’s featured influencer is Keyma Morgan of Style Weekender. Keyma’s blog has got you covered on all things fashion, style, and beauty. Style Weekender is full of inspiration to keep you on top of the latest trends – but it doesn’t stop there! Keyma also offers up advice on staying healthy, and even delves into travel tips. Simply looking to spruce up your wardrobe? Look no further. Wondering how to redecorate your living room? Read Full Post »


Not Boring and Not Ridiculous: CLEVER’s Chief Evangelist Featured on

We are starting the week off strong over here at CLEVER with a fun piece from Fortune20 Ridiculous Job Titles That Make Even the Most Boring Jobs Sound Thrilling—which includes our founder, Stefania Pomponi’s, title of Chief Evangelist. Even though we know there is nothing boring or ridiculous about CLEVER (or Stefania), the roundup is quite impressive and beyond entertaining.

Our very own is listed amongst execs from Microsoft, Tumblr, Yahoo, Read Full Post »


CLEVER CEO + Founder, Cat Lincoln, On Women In Silicon Valley: IBM Executive Luncheon

I was recently honored to join CLEVER friend and Advisor, Tricia Salinero, along with an esteemed panel of women leaders Aarti Borkar, Rani Yadav-Ranjan, and Danielle Slaton at the IBM Executive Luncheon, an event centered around women executives in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley, like most of corporate America, is notoriously difficult for women to navigate, with substantial barriers between senior roles and us. I consider improving this reality one of the most important challenges, and Read Full Post »