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MEET CLEVER INFLUENCER — Lexie Pyfrom of j’adore lexie couture

This month’s featured blogger is Lexie, the creative genius behind j’adore lexie couture. Femme fashionistas, we may have just found your new happy place! Soft flowing dresses, pink accents, and flowers for days – j’adore lexie couture is our new favorite fairytale-inspired wonderland. With fashion advice and beauty tips galore, Lexie’s blog is full of inspiration to help you get in touch with your inner princess. We love working with Lexie because each posts … Read Full Post »



Consider this OUR “.GIF” TO YOU

If the end of this year has you feeling a little, ah, “ruff” and ready to bring on 2018, you’ve barked up the right tree! Dogs have emerged as the unexpected heroes of social media. Who can resist sweet, smiley, slobbery, snuggly dogs? From “We Rate Dogs” catapulting to nearly 5M followers to myriad tongue-“on”-cheek memes to our very own pet lookbook, dogs were IT in Read Full Post »


CLEVER Ranked #28 out of 360 on the Entrepreneur 360 List? Hell Yeah!

Ending 2017 in style, we’re thrilled to share that CLEVER has been ranked #28 on this year’s Entrepreneur 360 list: THE BEST ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPANIES IN AMERICA.

The coveted list features 360 small businesses who have been recognized for their work in mastering the art and science of growing a business based on: impact, innovation, growth, and leadership.

We’re ready for you, 2018—let’s do this! Check out the entire list HERE!… Read Full Post »


Exclusive Influencer Insights: Create major marketing impact in 2018

Want to know what influencers love (and dislike) about working with brands? We did, too! So we asked.

Over 700 influencers answered. 

Access these seriously game-changing influencer insights in CLEVER’s report, Inside the Influencer Mind.


But, that’s not all! Check out our How To Measure ROI of Influencer Marketing report while you’re at it! Measuring influencer marketing impact is complex, but it’s certainly not impossible. And CLEVER can prove it—at every stage of … Read Full Post »


Tiger Woods is a Brand Liability. Here’s Why.

Golden boy, no more. Despite a buzzed-about comeback on the green, Tiger Woods is a major brand liability

Head on over to TheStreet’s newest piece, “Tiger Woods’ Comeback Won’t Revive His Brand,” to catch some wisdom from our very own Stefania Pomponi. CLEVER’s president & founder’s expertise breaks down why no matter what Tiger does on the golf course this year, he’ll never secure the sponsorships he once did.

Let’s be real, … Read Full Post »


Predator Not Prey: Rad Clothes for Tiny Feminists

Why do the boys clothes get all the predators, and the girls get all the prey?

Enter: Girls Up Front, a powerful collection of girls clothing designed with a mission to change just that. One mama’s realization was the genesis of their first mini collection of rad clothes made for tiny feminists, “Predator Not Prey.” The result is a line of beautifully crafted girls clothes featuring the fierce predators usually reserved for … Read Full Post »


CLEVER x Digiday: Why Colin Kaepernick has few brand suitors

Maybe you can’t recall Colin Kaepernick’s greatest game-day play or his last touchdown pass.

But, you definitely know his name, you recognize his face, and you’re well aware that he stands for something.

Kaepernick’s impact on our culture is undeniable, yet with all that power, brands aren’t exactly lining up to partner with him. Kristy Sammis, CLEVER’s Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, offers Digiday her insight on why shying away from Colin is Read Full Post »


#40Whatever: Stefania Pomponi Speaks at 6th Annual 3% Conference

Pull up a chair, advertising industry, it’s time we had a chat about women in their 40s+.

No, their worlds do not revolve around wrinkle cream, mom jeans, and taking a back seat at work. Women in their 40s+ are innovative, powerful, bad asses who can rock any style of jeans they please—wherever, whenever. At this year’s 3% ‘Beyond Gender’ Conference, using advertising as a backdrop, CLEVER Founder, Stefania Pomponi, took to the … Read Full Post »


Meet CLEVER Influencer — Rachel Conners of Bakerita

We’re kicking off November with a healthy (literally!) dose of influencer magic thanks to Rachel Conners, this month’s featured CLEVER Influencer. 

Rachel is the recipe-creating mastermind behind Bakerita, a must-visit digital destination for anyone who loves to chow down—while keeping it clean and delicious—and has a serious case of wanderlust. 

Rachel focuses on crafting out-of-this-world recipes that revolve around a gluten-free, refined-sugar-free, and Vegan lifestyle. The result? Dishes that look good, tasteRead Full Post »


Keeping up With the Consumer: Shoppable Influencer Content

“Couch shopping” is a thing. A BIG thing. And, it’s getting bigger.

As modern consumers continue to ditch brick-and-mortar stores in favor of online options, the shoppable social media trend is exploding. Audiences love to “shop-the-look” or “click-to-buy” from any platform, any time their interest is piqued. In response, brands are seeking creative ways to offer shoppers seamless social buying experiences.

Enter CLEVER Shoppable Influencer Content, allowing brands to easily add shopability to Read Full Post »