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Make Your Voice Heard: End Family Separation!

CLEVER is honored to partner with Amnesty International and bring attention to a human rights crisis that we need your help amplifying.

The U.S. government has been forcibly separating families seeking safety in the U.S. These families are fleeing persecution and horrific violence, often from Central America. Instead of being able to ask for asylum with dignity and security, they are treated cruelly. Children have been taken from their parents at the border and put … Read Full Post »


Questions To Ask Your Influencer Marketing Partner (Before You Sign)

Thinking of partnering with a potential influencer marketing partner but don’t know where to start? Let CLEVER help! Our latest piece in Forbes details the ultimate list of questions to ask your potential influencer marketing partner before you sign. Make the process less daunting and ensure your campaigns are successful by following our tips. Read more here:

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MEET CLEVER INFLUENCERS — Catherine & Tammy Pappas of Living the Gourmet

This month, we’ve got a double serving of Featured Influencers: Catherine and Tammy Pappas! This mother and daughter duo are the creative powerhouse behind Living The Gourmet. If you believe that the secret to a meaningful gathering lies on the table – then this is the blog for you. Growing up in a traditional Italian home, food has always played a central role in Catherine’s life. She founded Living The Gourmet, with the Read Full Post »


McDonald’s Criticized for Not Doing More in Wake of Sexual Harassment Claims

With 10 different sexual harassment claims filed since May 18, McDonald’s is facing scrutiny for failing to thoroughly respond to its employees’ claims. Stefania Pomponi, CLEVER Founder and CEO, shares with The Street that McDonald’s has some work to do if they want to stand behind their name. Instead of placing blame on the franchisees, McDonald’s must act on a corporate level to provide a culture where employees can speak up and be heard – Read Full Post »


#SocialHour: GDPR Compliance

Carmen Shiu is a six-year CLEVER veteran, project manager, and product developer. She works closely with our tech team and our social media partners to ensure we have the latest understanding and solutions for addressing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party platform updates.

Today’s installment is all about GDPR. What is it? Why is it important? What does it mean for us and our network?


  • What is GDPR? A legal framework that sets guidelines for

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CLEVER Announcement: First-Ever Influencer Marketing Trade Organization Forms

CLEVER continues to extend its leadership in the influencer marketing industry by today announcing the formation of the Influencer Marketing Association. CLEVER, along with a coalition of pioneering influencer marketing agencies, formed the Influencer Marketing Association to represent brands, agencies, networks and influencers. The national trade association will act as the voice of the industry, providing counsel around influencer marketing trends, measurement standards, transparency guidelines, and best practices for marketers and influencers.

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Blockchain Is Magic for Influencer Marketing, But in a Bad Way

Blockchain is all the rage these days, but don’t believe the hype—at least not as far as influencer marketing is concerned. In his most recent Adweek op-ed, CLEVER VP of Technology, Jody Hart, says blockchain might seem like it will magically transform the influencer marketing industry, but…yeah, no. Without actual evidence to back up any blockchain+influencer marketing claims, we’ll continue focusing on servicing actual client needs. Technology is an important part of any influencer marketing … Read Full Post »


Influencer Measurement Webinar: Your Questions Answered!


It’s ok if you missed yesterday’s webinar (we know you wanted to come but that last minute call popped up) because we have the recording! Listen to a CLEVER panel of influencer marketing experts—Kristy Sammis (Founder), Alison Kimble (Product Manager), and Brandon Farley (Director of Analytics)—walk us through their take on influencer metrics, how to spot fake followers, and the right way to measure program … Read Full Post »


MEET CLEVER INFLUENCER — Natasha Brown of Grits & Grace

This month’s Featured Influencer is Natasha Brown of Grits & Grace! While Grits & Grace may have started out primarily as a parenting blog, it has now evolved into a haven for all the multifaceted mammas out there! Whether you’re looking for creative inspiration in your life – or just need to hear some real talk from another mom who knows how it is – this is the blog for you! Natasha keeps it Read Full Post »


Nike Is Trying to Build a Culture That Is ‘Truly Inclusive, Respectful’ After New York Times Investigation

After resignations, staff shake ups, and an investigation by The New York Times, Nike is trying to fix their culture to be more inclusive and fair – but can they truly change? CLEVER CEO and founder Cat Lincoln shares with AdWeek that Nike will have to make intentional, meaningful efforts to not only show their willingness to change but truly earn the trust of women in leadership. Read more to see how diverse leadership is … Read Full Post »