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"The Works"

Make-A-Wish Bay Area got the green light to turn San Francisco into “Gotham” for the day, allowing Miles – a 5-year-old in recovery from cancer – to fulfill his wish to be a superhero. But with only 10 days to get the word out, Make-A-Wish needed help.

CLEVER worked with Make-A-Wish to craft a simple social media strategy (which began with the #SFBatkid hashtag), and immediately notified our entire membership of this amazing story. We asked our influencers to help us let the world know about Miles’ incredible day.

They delivered.

We are proud and honored to be the team that supported the most heart-warming and far-reaching online event in online history.

20,000 people showed up to cheer for #Batkid!
Nearly 2 Billion Impressions Worldwide

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