CLEVER is incredibly honored to work with #marchforourlives, #voteforourlives, and #UMStudios to encourage voter turnout — especially among youth — tomorrow! We have a long history of pro bono work with organizations that benefit women and children. Nothing is more important than making sure our young citizens are safe AND exercise their right to vote.


Young people typically vote in a midterm election at a rate of 1 in 5, or even less. We need to change that. Our votes are our voices, and we need to elect leaders that will put an end to gun violence.


We cannot accept gun violence as a normal part of growing up in America. We need to elect morally just leaders that will place more importance on lives than guns.


After 17 people were shot and killed in Parkland, politicians sent thoughts and prayers. That’s not good enough. Thoughts and prayers will not stop innocent lives from being lost. We can make real change happen if we vote.


97% of Americans are in favor of universal background checks. (For reference, apple pie polls at 95%.) Universal background checks are more American than apple pie – but our leaders aren’t implementing these policies. Let’s elect morally just leaders who will.


Please join us in showing up and voting on Election Day, November 6, to help end gun violence in America. If you’d like specific language you can share on your social channels, we have put together some sample post ideas for you:

  • Thoughts and prayers will not protect innocent lives from being lost to gun violence. We all need to get out and VOTE on November 6 if we want change. Visit to get all the info you need for Election Day. #marchforourlives #voteforourlives

  • If you’re frustrated by the lack of action in our country after every senseless act of gun violence, VOTING is the most important thing you can do. Visit to get all the info you need for Election Day, and text CHANGE to 97-779 to get your polling place. #marchforourlives #voteforourlives

For more information:

#marchforourlives website:

#marchforourlives social channels:

And for mobile opt-in code:

  • Text CHANGE to 97-779


March For Our Lives is a non-partisan 501(c)(4) social welfare organization that advocates to end gun violence. March For Our Lives is a non-partisan organization, because gun violence is a non-partisan issue. MFOL does not endorse candidates; they support policies that will save lives and stop gun violence.


Thank you for helping us make history tomorrow!


Stefania Pomponi for CLEVER