Two things happened last week that made our eyes start twitching and our stomachs churn.

First, CNN Money published this piece about a female entrepreneur who was snubbed by other female entrepreneurs until she became successful. So the author’s point was basically women entrepreneurs aren’t supported by men OR women. Hmph.

Then there’s this mess of a story about Jill Abramson, the fired executive editor of the NY Times. Of course, we don’t know all the details here, but we DO know a) she was considered “pushy” “brusque” and difficult to work with, and b) she had recently inquired into why she was making less money than her male predecessor. OOF.

So this HMPHing and OOFing has led Kristy (hi, that’s me) to this podcast.

I’m a female entrepreneur and I’ve been in this lady-space for 8 years now. Articles and stories like these make my blood boil for a lot of reasons, but mostly because this conversation always leads to the wrong conclusions.

Conclusions like…

“…so here’s why women aren’t successful…”

“…therefore, here’s how women should change…”

“…if women would just do x, y, z differently…”

And I’m not having it.

Women entrepreneurs don’t need to do anything differently. Change – if that’s what we’re after – will come when we stop believing that traditional male traits are inherently better for business than traditional female traits. Women don’t need to change, what we value needs to change.

And as more and more women advance, and more female-run organizations succeed (because we are, in record numbers), the conversation is going to start to shift.

This is just the beginning.

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