Influencer marketing works. We know that, and we can prove it. But measuring the success of your brand’s influencer marketing efforts is not cut and dry. And, no, ‘likes’ are not—and will never be—directly correlated to sales. That doesn’t mean your efforts cannot be measured. As unique as influencer marketing is, so are the set of numbers that will come along with it, and the ways in which you will measure, and most importantly—what you should measure. Our Founder, Kristy Sammis, breaks down the truths and myths of measuring influencer marketing in her piece for Campaign, “Demystifying Measurement in Influencer Marketing“. Kristy lays the groundwork for how to go about measuring influencer marketing, with all its quirks and challenges (people are not ad units, ahem, engagement is important, cough, cough). With authority only an industry trailblazer could have, Kristy breaks it down: Influencer marketing works. It can be measured, but buckle up for a different type set of numbers and practices. Read more here!

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