Name: Alison Kimble

Position: Content Strategy Manager

Location: San Francisco

What do you do for CLEVER? I help translate client goals into incredible influencer marketing programs! I work with sales to recommend a custom program to fit each client’s unique needs and audiences. I then package up our program recommendation in a proposal, often with several creative concepts and images from past campaigns that showcase how influencers can bring a brand to life.

How long have you been with CLEVER? Since the end of September 2016—4 months as of this bio!

How did you get into your current position? I worked with the wonderful Jocelyn Hudak, the Director of the Content Strategy team, in my first job out of college. She and I had talked about CLEVER in March 2016, and it sounded too good to be true—remote workplace? Women owned and run? Office Astrology??? When I was ready to take on a new opportunity, she was my first call.

What do you want to be when you grow up? When I was little, the answer was a scientist, because I loved science camp. As I got older, it became more difficult to pin down what I wanted my entire career to be, which caused stress. Now I’ve come up with an answer that didn’t align with any college major: productive, happy, balanced.

Describe yourself in any three emojis. 

What is your Alma Mater? Colgate University in upstate New York!

We have the benefit of working from home — where is your favorite place to work remotely? My living room desk by the window.

What are your favorite social channels and/or influencers? I like YouTube for tutorials (where were they when I was learning to do makeup?) and Instagram for endless scrolling.

What is one food you just cannot live without? Bread. Followed closely by cheese, fruit, and wine. It’s a picnic!

We believe in a good work/life balance — how do you spend your time when you’re not working? I play dodgeball, write, walk, go to the movies, pet strangers’ dogs, and hang out with all of my wonderful friends who live in the city!

Any other fun facts? I organized a flash mob in my senior year of college—we took over the dining hall!

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