Name: Allison Reidy

Position: Business Operations Associate

Location: Oakland, CA

What do you do for CLEVER? I assist with day to day operations and a myriad of tasks: travel coordination for the entire team, meeting and event planning, onboarding new hires, helping the Marketing team, handling our awesome swag – basically making sure you have everything you need to be awesome here at CLEVER! 

How long have you been with CLEVER? Coming up on nine months—time flies!

How did you get into your current position? After five years working in customer service at veterinary hospitals, I was itching for a change and knew my talents could be better utilized elsewhere. Years of managing social media for a cute local coffee shop sparked a passion for marketing but I could never find the right career move to make the leap full time. CLEVER seemed like the perfect fit that combined my interests in marketing, business administration, and customer service. This was the first and only position I applied for—so it was meant to be!  

What do you want to be when you grow up? Kindergarten teacher/dog rescue farm owner/fairy princess. That’s a legit job, right?

Describe yourself in any three emojis. 

What is your Alma Mater?

UC Santa Cruz—Go, banana slugs!

We have the benefit of working from home — where is your favorite place to work remotely?

I’m grateful to have a cute office at home. IRL you can find me in downtown Oakland or Berkeley. When Spring comes back around, I’ll be working outside as much as possible!  

What are your favorite social channels and/or influencers?

It’s a tie between Twitter and Instagram! Twitter is where I find the most of my immediate news and offbeat humor. On Instagram I like @nicolettemason, @shooglet, and @galleries1988. I’m also partial to @fireflycoffee since I’ve been in charge of their social media since 2008! 😉

What is one food you just cannot live without?

Sugar anything.

We believe in a good work/life balance — how do you spend your time when you’re not working?

Weekends mean relaxing at home, hanging out with my boyfriend, getting drinks with friends, cuddled up with my pug Maeby, thrifting cute stuff — I try to keep it lowkey!

Any other fun facts?

I’ve never traveled overseas and I’ve never had a driver’s license—two facts I’m determined to change this year as I turn 30. Better late than never!

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