Name: Sarah Matthews

Position: Program Director

Location: New York City

What do you do for CLEVER? I’m a Program Director in the Client and Membership Services department, and I support the project managers in the GLITTER Squad (our squad’s name is in honor of my girl, Mariah). I love what I do because my job involves a lot of problem-solving and working on solutions and processes together as a team. Our department’s goals are all centered around executing fabulous programs for our clients and helping our influencers be as successful as possible, and I’m incredibly lucky to be a part of such a magnificent team of A+ players.

How long have you been with CLEVER? It will be four years this March!

How did you get into your current position? I was hired back in 2013 as a senior project manager and, through some twists and turns along the way, our department grew so much so that this past July we restructured and I became one of three Program Directors.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Growing up, my mom was always really involved in our local community and running campaigns, and my dad eventually started his own business. While both their jobs seemed stressful at times, they also looked incredibly fulfilling and rewarding.  So, I would love to run a company or start… something(!) when I grow up, and be as cool and successful as my mom and dad.  My weekend job would be making flower arrangements at a boutique flower shop, and in my free time I’d hang out with my best friends, Mariah Carey and Andy Cohen.

Describe yourself in any three emojis.  👸 👜 🌊

What is your Alma Mater? Fairfield University—Go Stags!

We have the benefit of working from home — where is your favorite place to work remotely? I recently set up a new home office using my grandfather’s humongous, old lawyer desk. While I’m still figuring out how to incorporate the dark wood and classic design of the desk with my taste for golds and bright colors, I’m so excited to have this space and to make it my OWN!

What are your favorite social channels and/or influencers? Instagram is my jam and I love following influencers from the CLEVER network. They all have such fabulous photography and it’s fun keeping up with their lives.

What is one food you just cannot live without? Cheese. Cheese. Cheese.

We believe in a good work/life balance — how do you spend your time when you’re not working? I like to get out for a run at least a few times a week, and then most of my non-work time is spent hanging with my husband, our two kids, Harry and Cece, and our two dogs, Baxter and Grace. I’m also a connoisseur of all Bravo TV programming and I dabble in HGTV. During the summer you can find me at the beach in Rhode Island every weekend.

Any other fun facts? I am a die-hard fan of the Yankees, SF Giants, SJ Sharks, and Warriors. I’m currently struggling with my Niners fandom, but remain 49ers Faithful. I will root for my husband’s favorite team, the Cubs, as long as they aren’t playing the Yankees or Giants.

Also, my husband and I were both born on the same date as our sibling, but only one of us is a twin!

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