Name: Tori Canonge

Position: Membership Services Project Manager

Location: San Jose, CA

What do you do for CLEVER?
I’m the lucky person who gets to match our talented influencers with our wonderful clients. Have a question during a program or just want some feedback? I’m your girl!

How long have you been with CLEVER?
8 months.

How did you get into your current position?
As an influencer myself, I became a CLEVER member in late 2015 and was super excited to hear that the company was hiring in the Bay Area! I jumped at the opportunity and it has literally been a dream come true!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
An American Ninja Warrior (who gets to taste test cookies on the side).

Describe yourself in any three emojis.

What is your Alma Mater?
Upper Iowa University, but I spent my first three years at TCU (Go, Frogs!).

We have the benefit of working from home—where is your favorite place to work remotely?
I’m a bit of a homebody when I work, but I also enjoy going to local cafes with some of my amazing co-workers (as long as there are cookies involved, of course).

What are your favorite social channels and/or influencers?
I really like Pinterest and Instagram, with Marnie the Dog being one of my favorites to follow.

What is one food you just cannot live without?
Chocolate chip cookies.

We believe in a good work/life balance—how do you spend your time when you’re not working?
Read a book, write on my blog, exercise (CLEVER hip hop anyone?!), watch TV with my husband, spend time with my dog (Oliver) and cat (Misty), or go to dinner with friends. When I take time off from work, I like to fly back to the Midwest or South since that’s where my family is. Those trips always leave me feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever’s next!

Any other fun facts?
I narrowly avoided a full-on collision with Patrick Dempsey while walking at Virginia International Raceway a couple years ago.

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