Name: Ervin Kleitz Gonzales

Position: Software Engineer

Location: San Francisco, CA

What do you do for CLEVER? I develop our CLEVER JavaScript applications, help refurbish and optimize the CLEVER pixel, assist the marketing team by driving our Search Engine Optimization efforts, and provide advice and support on anything JavaScript and the Front End.

How long have you been with CLEVER? About a year and 7 months. Can’t believe it’s already been that long!

How did you get into your current position? I read about the position online and applied. The next day, I received a call from HR for an interview with the Principal Engineer. I spoke to her for about an hour and a half and after a few rounds of interviews (about a week later), I was initiated into the CLEVER “cult”.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Dog Cafe owner.

Describe yourself in any three emojis. 🐶  🎮   💻

What is your Alma Mater? Central Philippine University, University of San Agustin

We have the benefit of working from home — where is your favorite place to work remotely? I converted part of our house into a cozy home office. It’s my favorite place to work because I rely on larger screens to be more efficient at what I do.

What are your favorite social channels and influencers? Instagram! #pugsofinstragram because…pugs (!!!), and @tsukasa_y because his posts bring together two of my most favorite things—pugs and Japan.

What is one food you just cannot live without? It might be a close tie among fried chicken, kimchi, and ramen.

We believe in a good work/life balance — how do you spend your time when you’re not working? Discovering new places to eat, playing video games, keeping up with all the dog videos, and running.

Any other fun facts? I belong to that tiny segment of the population that shouldn’t drink alcohol—I get dizzy and hives for days :(. I also once happily raised a grumble of pugs (five, to be exact)!

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