Our founder and president, Stefania Pomponi. had the opportunity to share her opinion regarding brands and the NRA with a journalist from The Drum this week. Please check out her full thoughts (expanded from the quote included in the article), and the entire article below!

“Consumer trust in brands is at an all-time low. More than ever consumers want to know if companies and their executives share their values. Brands need to be transparent about where they stand on divisive issues.

If a brand doesn’t want their customers knowing about their affiliations why would they even have them? The time for lack of transparency is over. Companies can no longer act without impunity. In other words: no, you cannot give discounts and privileges to NRA members and then say you don’t support the NRA.

Look at Under Armour and Papa Johns–who both had CEOs who supported Trump and who both reported losses last year–to see the financial impact of consumers action. SleepingGiants and the Parkland survivors have been impactful in hitting companies who support hate–and now the NRA–where it hurts. The time for complacency is over.” Read more here!