Last weekend, CLEVER’s Chief Innovation Officer and Founder, Kristy Sammis, spoke to The New York Times about YouTube phenom, PewDiePie’s, recent fall from grace. PewDiePie (aka Felix Kjellberg) was discovered to have been including racist, anti-Semitic messaging in his popular videos. Intent of Kjellberg’s sardonic stunt aside, Disney Company’s Maker Studios, Google’s YouTube, and Nissan all dropped PewDiePie from their rosters—overnight.

Kristy explains, “There is really a microscope on brands’ values and value messaging because of the political state of the world right now. Brands can’t really be completely silent, and they’re being called out.” The importance of above-and-beyond vetting is paramount in selecting influencers who will tell your brand’s story and protect your brand’s values.

CLEVER knows this better than anyone. In 2014, when influencer platforms started popping up left and right as the (very lucrative) social ad platforms of the future, CLEVER made the strategic decision to remain a managed services business. Even with their robust influencer management platform, CLEVER believed successful influencer programs alway hinge on influencer relationship management—not algorithms. Given today’s highly charged political climate and consumers’ heightened sensitivity to brand association, ad platforms of any kind are risky.

Altimeter researchers recently published a study on the future of influencer marketing and quoted Dr. Konstanze Alex-Brown at Dell: “Long-term, trust-based relationships with shared value creation take time and effort to build and investment to sustain. While results will be measured digitally in reach, impressions, online engagement, there is no shortcut for getting there.”

However, you don’t have to fear influencer marketing: you need to put your brand in the right hands. A savvy, experienced influencer marketing team is the only “shortcut” for brands looking for real, trusted messages at scale. CLEVER has years of making judgment calls at critical moments—selecting the right influencers at the right time to work with brands they love—whose messages will resonate with their audiences. Relying on an algorithm to select the individual who will tell your brand’s story is beyond risky. Algorithms aren’t concerned with protecting your brand’s values, but CLEVER is.

The opportunity is more ripe than ever as customers are seeking out brands that work with their trusted influencers and match their values. CLEVER does that—and we do it better than anyone else. We recognize the countless hours of hard work that has gone into creating your brand’s message, crafting your story, and solidifying your values, and we want to do everything we can—to not only protect that effort—but to bring your message to new heights and new audiences in fresh, innovative, and honest ways.  

Be bold! Share your brand values far and wide with confidence! Connect with CLEVER.

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