“Thoughtful, creative, compelling content doesn’t need ‘gamification’ in order to help it catch fire. We also believe in authentic engagement.” — Stefania Pomponi on Instagram pods for Marketing Tech.

The term ‘Instagram pods’ has been buzzing around our industry lately. Banding together in groups no larger than 30, influencers within an Instagram pod agree to engage with every post their fellow pod members share. This behavior allows pod members to gain visibility under Instagram’s 2016 algorithm that favors ‘the relationship between the poster and the user and the timeliness and likely interest of the post.’

How do Instagram pods play into influencer marketing? CLEVER Founder & President, Stefania Pomponi shares her thoughts on the authenticity and history of Instagram pods with Marketing Tech in their piece, ‘Insta Pods’ and the Soul of Influencer Marketing. Check it out!

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