“Couch shopping” is a thing. A BIG thing. And, it’s getting bigger.

As modern consumers continue to ditch brick-and-mortar stores in favor of online options, the shoppable social media trend is exploding. Audiences love to “shop-the-look” or “click-to-buy” from any platform, any time their interest is piqued. In response, brands are seeking creative ways to offer shoppers seamless social buying experiences.

Enter CLEVER Shoppable Influencer Content, allowing brands to easily add shopability to their influencer marketing programs. Now, when an influencer features a product she loves—from clothes to toys and everything in-between—her audience can simply click to purchase.

Shoppable Influencer Content helps brands in powerful ways. Not only does it close the gap between product discovery and purchase (giving the consumer what she wants), it provides rich data points connecting influencer and sales.

CLEVER leverages the industry’s best tech to offer clients a fully managed and targeted shoppable solution. Now your ideal customer can “shop with her favorite influencer,” while we ensure a successful program.

Want to learn more on how you can stay on-trend and drive consumers down the purchase funnel faster with Shoppable Influencer Content? Let’s chat!

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