This month’s featured influencer is Agnes Muljadi of @artsyagnes. If you’re looking for a little extra artistic flair in your life—Agnes’ Instagram feed is the place to go. Not only does she share expert advice on everything from fashion, to health and beauty – but each post has a distinctly “ballerina” twist. Talk about daily inspiration! Take a peek at Agnes’ feed and kill two birds with one stone: awesome lifestyle tips and get those creative juices going. Plus, she often shares lifestyle hacks that will help you shop and live sustainably (score!). We love working with Agnes because never fails to deliver stunning visual content that is as innovative and unique as she is. No wonder we can’t get enough of her! To learn more about Agnes, keep reading.

What inspired you to establish yourself as an Instagrammer?

I love connecting with people and artists from all over the world and I thought Instagram was the perfect platform to make these connections.

We love how your dancing has such a strong influence on your work! How do you come up with ideas for your posts?

Ballet is definitely the core theme for my feed since I am a dancer. I watch a lot of ballet videos and browse through a lot of ballet content daily and that’s usually how I find new ideas. Taking a ballet class also inspires me to create content.

You have a significant following on Instagram. What are some suggestions for Instagrammers looking to grow their audience?

Consistency and originality, in my opinion, are the two main factors to growing your audience. I am a firm believer that your social media presence has to reflect the kind of lifestyle you believe in.

What are some of your photography tips?

VSCO and Photoshop are my fave editing tools. I am also a big fan of a clean and brightly lit aesthetic.

How do you put your own unique and personal twist on sponsored content?

As I said, I always try to create content that reflects my lifestyle. I think the only way you can create original content is by putting the product or service you are promoting in the context of your daily life.

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