This month’s featured blogger is Amy Boyle of 11 Magnolia Lane — or, as we like to call it: DIY & Home Decor heaven! Using their experience as event planners, Amy and her blogging partner, Christy, keep their site stocked with fresh ideas. Having moved around a lot, they are both pros at making a new house feel like home. So, they know how to get creative, make a space gorgeous, and (most importantly) not break the bank! Whether you’re looking to redecorate, get organized, or just want to get your DIY on, 11 Magnolia Lane is the place for you! To learn more about Amy and Christy, keep reading!


How did you start blogging?

That is a bit of a long story but in a nutshell we have been blogging since 2010. Our blog sort of evolved from a blog covering parties and events into the home decor niche where we currently are. We’re two former college roommates who were both always striving to create a beautiful home on a budget and we started by sharing what projects we were doing. Christy is a military wife, and I (Amy) seem to move almost as often as does (though for never as good of a reason 🙂 ), luckily these moves give us a never-ending supply of home decor projects.


What are your favorite blogs to read?

We’ve been lucky to develop a fabulous network of home decor bloggers in our niche. We communicate with many of them daily, mostly through social media. Seeing what they are up to each day is always inspiring!


What social media outlet do you use most frequently and why?

We are primarily focused on Pinterest (both of us, we keep separate accounts), Facebook (Christy manages this page) and Instagram (which is my domain – Amy).


How did you develop such a unique personal style?

Our style has definitely evolved. I feel like when we started blogging our style leaned more toward shabby chic (in other words, painted and inexpensive!) then the gold trend started and our decor got glammed up a bit. Now Farmhouse is back thanks to Joanna Gaines! Our style is really just a mix of all of those things, we consistently use neutrals in our decorating but try to add in pops of color (like pinks and blues) and patterns here and there to add interest.


What is your favorite thing to blog about, and why?

A total room makeover is always the most exciting and rewarding. Sometimes they take weeks to complete but in blog time they seem to happen in only a few days. Showing off a finished room after weeks of hard work, DIY’ing and making all the decor choices is always a great feeling, plus it is always fun to see what our readers think of our ‘reveals’!


How do you come up with your DIY project ideas?

We get inspiration everywhere—other bloggers, Pinterest, Instagram. Moving frequently always creates new needs so we tend to be focused on what we need to do to spruce up our homes next.


What are some of your blog photography tips?

Turning off the lights is always key. I often shoot outdoors if it is a product shot because the light is always better and this year, I invested in a lighting kit to help with interior photography. We are always working on our photography (it’s a struggle) but I would say my best tip would be to invest in a photography program like Light Room or Photoshop and learn how to use it. They are essential to taking photos to the next level, we use both.


What are some Clever tips for planning out/organizing your posts every week?

The #1 question we get asked at blog conferences from other bloggers is how we manage our schedule and coordinate our posts being a team! We use a google calendar that we both have access to, and we quickly decide which one of us is handling a sponsored post so one of us can take ownership and free the other up to work on something else. Each of us keeps a running list of projects/ideas and topics that we work off. I wish I could say we plan out a calendar long term, but we tend to blog about what is going on in our lives so those are the topics we are usually writing about week-to-week. We are constantly texting back and forth about opportunities, our blog schedule and sharing ideas that we have. Our phones are our lifelines 🙂


How do you put your own unique and personal twist on sponsored posts?

We always look for a way to make it organic to our readers. We try to pick a topic we would write about anyway, then we try to naturally lead into the sponsored part of the post. We limit the number of sponsorships we accept to only a few each month and never run them back to back. In this day and age, readers expect some amount of sponsored content, we do our best to make it informational, relevant to their lives and only represent brands we believe in.

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