Summer is officially here, and we’re bringing you a dose of sunshine this month with The Beauty Beau! In the true spirit of authenticity, The Beauty Beau began as a way for Candace – the creative force behind The Beauty Beau – to express herself and share her unique style. With roots in fashion blogging, Candace has since expanded to covering topics from every aspect of her life such as the latest beauty trends, european travel guides, and even healthy living! If you’re looking for a place where you can find simple recipes with a fun twist and pick up some eye-catching style tips in one fell swoop – then The Beauty Beau is for you! While you’re checking out her blog, don’t forget to pop over to her YouTube channel for a creative make up tutorial or shopping haul to inspire your summer looks. We love working with Candace because she always brings products to live with a unique, personal twist that is equally stunning and witty! Keep reading to learn more…


What is your favorite aspect of being an Influencer, and why?

I love meeting new people, working with different brands, and getting to experiment with new products I’ve never tried before. I also love getting to know my followers. It’s such a fun part of my job!


How did you build your unique style, brand, and following?

It may sound cliche, but I built my brand on who I am as a person. I used to be a huge tomboy in school and constantly had people making fun of me for it, so I chose to use blogging as my outlet to embrace and express myself. I wanted to bring something unique and that’s more “me” to Instagram, and I feel like a lot of people can relate to that.


Do you have a hobby or pass-time that your fellow CLEVERs don’t know about? Care to share?

I am a huge soap opera and cooking show enthusiast. Young and the Restless, Bold & Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, anything with Chef Ramsay – I’ve pretty much watched all of them, and have been for well over a decade!


You’ve worked on several CLEVER programs – did you have a favorite, and why?

The Decoy programs have definitely been my favorite! I am a wine connoisseur and Decoy is one of my favorite brands to drink. I also love how the brand really allowed me to be creative with my content.


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