This month, we’re featuring This Worthey Life! The dynamic influencer-duo behind this powerhouse of inspiration is Derrick & Tatanisha. Working together, they share their expertise on all things Parenting! That includes delicious recipes, fabulous cocktails, travel tips, and how to navigate the teenage years – each with a few sweet life lessons mixed in, of course! We have loved working with Derrick & Tatanisha, and can always count on them for content that is both visually stunning, and genuinely authentic. To learn more about them, keep reading!


Question: How did you start blogging, and what was the inspiration behind your blog?

Derrick: We started blogging in 2012 -2013. I started blogging music reviews, then Tatanisha started a little later and blogged about how to save money using coupons. We both still maintain those blogs.

Tatanisha: When our twins were babies, I started a blog on Google to share updates about the twins with our family. About four years ago we expanded our blog to share about our lifestyle as working parents with three boys. We love to entertain, and our friends and family know they can count on us for delivering delicious food, along with a beautiful party set-up. Our goal is to share how we do that on our blog, while parenting teen boys, traveling, and tossing in a few other important topics to us.


Question: What are some of your favorite blogs to read?

Derrick: I read food blogs like Grandbaby Cakes and Half-Baked Harvest.

Tatanisha: I don’t have a favorite blog per se, I love to read what my friends are up to and support their endeavors.


Question: What social media outlet do you use most frequently and why?

Derrick: I really like Instagram because of all of the gorgeous food and cocktail images.

Tatanisha: I am on Facebook every day. Mostly to keep up with my groups/blogs. I love Instagram for inspiration, food ideas, and travel inspiration.


Question: Your blog covers a variety of topics, how to choose which ones to focus on for each post?

Derrick: We select content pretty much by what I am cooking in the kitchen, or a new cocktail inspiration. But we also create content around places we have recently traveled to. We also love to do sponsored work to show brands what we can do with their wonderful products. At times, it is a challenge but I love a good challenge as well as thinking outside of the box, and I always manage to come up with something beautiful and delicious.

Tatanisha: We try to keep our topics based on what we are doing. We focus heavily on food. Since we are both foodies, and with Derrick’s love of cooking, this comes naturally to us. Traveling, talking about parenting teens, as well as tossing in some home decor/entertainment revolves around what’s going on in our life.


Question: How did you balance blogging together, and how do you maintain a consistent style across all of your posts?

Tatanisha: It was hard at first. I was used to working by myself, not waiting for another person to help me complete projects. However, working together has brought us closer, believe it or not. It has made our marriage interesting, and we’ve had to learn how to balance shutting off blogging, talking about it, and focus on us. After a few years of working out the kinks, we both have assigned tasks/topics. We also work in time blocks, which has made a big difference to our workflow.


Question: What are some of your blog photography tips?

Derrick: Spend the money and purchase a good camera. Also, take the time to learn your camera. I also really love using natural light. I took a digital photography class at a local community college, and it helped.

Tatanisha: Spend time learning how to use editing software. We currently use LightRoom, and it has made a big difference when it comes time to edit our photos.


Question: What are some Clever tips for planning out/organizing your posts every week?

Tatanisha: Time blocking works wonders. If you are struggling with staying focused and organized, make a list and set a timer. For example, one day a week I edit photos. I don’t edit photos every day because it’s time-consuming. However, when I sit down and focus on just that one thing, I can knock it out within a few hours and move on to the next task.

We also like to sit down once per week and plan out the week. I’ve tried to do it once per month, but with constant changes in our schedule, going week by week works best for us. We also batch work. All of the recipe content, including the cooking and shooting videos only happens on the weekends (due to Derrick’s work schedule). We will either block out a full Saturday or Sunday (or sometimes the whole weekend) to work on creating several recipes at once. They will all get edited in one day, then scheduled for the month. Working in batch and time blocking has been the best thing we’ve done to make sure we stay focused and organized.


Question: How do you put your own personal twist on sponsored posts?

Derrick & Tatanisha: When applying for a sponsored post, we only apply for things that are a good fit for us and our audience. When that happens, it’s easy to come up with a personal connection on how that particular brand/product fits into our lives.