This month’s Featured Influencer is Eileen of The Autism Cafe. If you’ve ever stopped by her blog, then you know that Eileen keeps it REAL – which is why we love her so much! From her parenting journey, to favorite recipes and household products, The Autism Cafe is a peek inside Eileen’s daily life. The best part? She tells it how it is: the good, the bad, and the unbelievably adorable! Between her stunning and cohesive photography style, as well as the compelling stories she shares about her life, we can always count on Eileen to produce outstanding content for our clients.

To learn more about Eileen, keep reading:


How did you start blogging, and what was the inspiration behind your blog?

My blog started as a Facebook page where I shared snippets of our life after my son, Charlie, was diagnosed with autism. It was kind of a diary, a therapeutic way for me to put words to my feelings while keeping my family and friends updated.

Strangers started following along too so I turned it into my website, The Autism Cafe. I now mostly write about autism, child development, and food.


What are some of your favorite blogs to read?

I like Autism Daddy because I can relate to what he shares. I also love to read various DIY and recipe blogs.


What social media outlet do you use most frequently and why?

I‘m very fond of Instagram. Because I love photography, IG is appealing to me. I love the visual aspect of it, scrolling down my feed experiencing all those beautiful photos. Additionally, I’ve met many inspiring people on Instagram, some of whom have become good friends.

I like Facebook too because it’s been a great way to drive traffic to my blog. It’s easy for people to click a link and share your content if they like it.


Your blog covers a variety of topics, how to choose which ones to focus on for each post?

When I write non-sponsored posts, I focus on what’s going on in my life at the moment. For instance if I’ve been spending time cooking, I’ll share a recipe. Most of the time, though, I share about our autism journey and our ups and downs. I also get inspired by questions from my followers when crafting posts, like “what were the signs of autism when Charlie was a baby,” or “what kind of therapy do you do with your child?”


How did you develop your own unique blogging style, and how do you maintain a consistent style across all of your posts?

I think one thing that makes my blogging style unique is my photography. I like moody pictures with magical lighting. To me, photos tell a story as much as the writing they go with. Additionally, I’ve been told that my readers appreciate my honesty. I show and talk about my behind-the-scenes moments. Not just the pretty, happy moments people usually share. Though I do share those too!


What are some of your blog photography tips?

When shooting products inside, my main tip is to use natural light. I generally shoot them in indirect sunlight indoors with the lights off. I like to photograph products in use, and with a human element. I do love flatlays too, and for them I use a piece of foam board with contact paper. My favorite photos are the ones I take at golden hour, though, just before sunset. When I take photos of my kiddos with a product, I let them interact with it and wait until they don’t know I’m taking the shot to take it. It looks more natural than when they’re posing.


What are some CLEVER tips for planning out/organizing your posts every week?

I’ve recently started writing several posts in one sitting and it’s been an awesome strategy for me. Instead of spreading out my writing schedule, I choose a slot of time and tell myself, “okay, I’m going to write for the next two hours.” Once I start writing, it’s hard for me to stop, so this has been working wonderfully well for me. I sometimes write four blog posts in one sitting. I also try to publish at least one or two non-sponsored posts per week, though I sometimes fail at that.


How do you put your own personal twist on sponsored posts?

First of all, I only promote products that I like and I use. It’s easier for me to promote a product when I already use it or it naturally fits into my life. In my blog posts I like to tell stories of how products benefit us in our daily life. I think my photos also add a personal aspect to my sponsored posts.