We’re starting off this month with a fresh perspective from Esperanza of The Urban Darling! Based out of Portland, OR, Esperanza is an expert when it comes to finding your own voice and letting it shine. Like so many influencers, she started The Urban Darling as a creative outlet to share some of her favorite things with the world. Today she puts her own edgy, unique spin on everything from local Portland travel guides to DIY salt scrub tutorials. If you’re looking for some fresh retro-chic fashion inspo, Esperanza has you covered there as well! We love working with The Urban Darling because her versatile content is a great fit for a variety of brands, and we can always count on her to add her signature, personal touch to any post. To learn more about how Esperanza developed such a unique style, keep reading!


How would you describe your personal style, and how did you go about developing your own unique style?

My personal style is girly and a little edgy! I love retro fashion too so I like to throw that into my outfits in a modern/trendy way. I’ve gone through different style phases in the past but now I try not to limit myself with fashion so my style changes day by day based on my mood.


What is a fun fact that CLEVERs may not know about you?

My mom is Colombian so I was raised speaking Spanish and English! On my dad’s side I am Italian and Irish. I tried learning Italian but it was really hard! I’ll have to try to learn it again in the future.


How do you mix DIY, Travel, and lifestyle content on your blog and Instagram feed while still maintaining a cohesive look?

I try to make sure that every photo I post is shot in the same style with the same filter which really helps. I also use an app called UNUM to help me plan my photos and move them around to make sure they will look good together!


What is one challenge you often encounter as an influencer and how do you overcome it?

I would say the biggest challenge I have encountered as an influencer is comparing myself to other influencers when it comes to likes, content style, etc. and feeling insecure that my content, engagement, etc. isn’t good enough. What I’ve come to realize is that everyone has something different to offer and that’s what makes them unique. People don’t just pick one band to listen to or one tv show to watch. We like a variety of bands and shows and it’s the same with influencers. I myself follow a variety of influencers for different reasons and they are all unique in their own way.


Tell us about a couple of your favorite past CLEVER programs, and why you loved working on them:

I loved working on the Foster Farms campaign because I shot a lot of the photos in a grocery store which I had never done before and I loved how they turned out!

Noosa Yogurt was fun for me too because I am obsessed with Noosa. It’s so good!