This month we’re whipping up something special with Superman Cooks, a dynamic duo who bring mouth-watering recipes straight to your dinner table! Keith and Jackie are the culinary brains behind this operation. They started their blog after realizing that their shared love for food and combined skill sets were a recipe for success. Keith’s experience as a chef complimented Jackie’s professional eye as a Fashion Designer, and – lucky for us – Superman Cooks was born! If you’ve been wanting to bring that restaurant-level flare to the comfort of your own kitchen, then this blog is the place for you! We love working with Keith & Jackie because their recipes not only pack a flavorful punch you can even taste through the pictures, but they also tell a unique and personal story that brings each product to life! To learn more about Superman Cooks, keep reading…


Can you tell us a little bit about each of yours’ love for food, and how it led you to create Superman Cooks?

I was a chef for many years, and Jackie was a self-described foodie. When we first met, we bonded over trying new food and new restaurants. I believe that the blog was born after a visit to a Bobby Flay restaurant almost 6 years ago. She took me there for a birthday celebration, and it was totally delicious. After we left, I told her I wanted to recreate the meal for her, and I did so a few weeks later. She was so surprised that I could do this; she wanted me to do something to showcase my talent. I told her that my restaurant days were over, so Jackie found another way. She suggested that we start a blog, and the rest is history. We had no idea what we were doing at first, but we learned together. We are still learning every day. It is our passion project and a great way for each of us to express our creativity. It’s also a joy for us to be working on something we love together.


What is a fun fact that your fellow CLEVERs may not know about you two?

Jackie and I lived in different states when we met. We met in our home state of Ohio, but Jackie lived in New York and I lived in Pennsylvania. We connected almost instantly, and we discovered very quickly that we had a lot in common: music, baseball, craft beer, and (of course) food. We had amazing conversation from the moment we met, and it just gets better. 


How do you come up with inspiration for your recipes?

Our inspiration comes in many forms. It most often comes from meals we eat in NYC, but it also comes from local markets, food trucks, specialty stores, magazines, traditional family recipes, and even suggestions from friends and family. Food has become an integral part of our lives. We pride ourselves on adding an “unexpected twist” to standard favorites, to make them a little more interesting.


How do you choose which brands to work with?

We only work with brands that we have an organic connection with. We figured this out early in our blogging career, and it has been essential to our success. We have to identify with the product, truly LIKE the product, and actually use it in our everyday lives (even if we were not paid). We like to know about the brand and its history/ story before we engage. Our readers can tell if we aren’t being authentic.


Can you tell us about some of your favorite past CLEVER programs?

It’s hard to pick because we truly loved them ALL! 


Carapelli Olive Oil: We loved this campaign because we love this brand. We had already been buying it regularly for its high level of quality and flavor, not to mention its versatility. When we read the story of the founding of the brand, we had an even deeper connection. Their business was founded when two people met, fell in love, and had a shared passion for food. The story was just like ours! It made us love their product even more! 

Idahoan Mashed Potatoes: This would have to be one of my favorites, because potatoes are my very favorite food. I have never met a potato dish I didn’t like. At first, I admit I was a bit skeptical about an instant potato, but I was willing to try it because no one knows better than I do how time consuming mashed potatoes can be. We thought our readers would identify with an instant product based on their busy lifestyles (like ours!), and they did! So did we. We are not ashamed to say that we keep this product in our pantry now for meal prep in a pinch.

Modern Table: Modern Table product is so amazing! This opportunity came to us as I was undergoing testing for a gluten allergy. We had been trying gluten free pastas for a while and could not find one that we liked. Modern Table pasta impressed us because it held up when cooked. We knew it was a good product when my 17 year old son ate two huge bowls of it without batting an eye. Even though I found out that I did not have a gluten allergy, it is great to have healthy alternatives to serve to our family.