This month’s featured blogger is Lexie, the creative genius behind j’adore lexie couture. Femme fashionistas, we may have just found your new happy place! Soft flowing dresses, pink accents, and flowers for days – j’adore lexie couture is our new favorite fairytale-inspired wonderland. With fashion advice and beauty tips galore, Lexie’s blog is full of inspiration to help you get in touch with your inner princess. We love working with Lexie because each posts consistently feature her signature dreamy style, and always highlight the product beautifully. Want to learn more about Lexie? Keep Reading!


How did you start blogging?

Blogging for me was something I spent a lot of time talking about doing and dreaming about but I put it off for a while. A lot of times I would think, “who on earth cares what I have to say?”. And let me tell you, I am so glad that I got past that negative thought and let my passion lead me. There are many voices on the web, that’s true but I think when you decide to go for something and you let your passion lead you, inevitably magic will follow. From the beginning I wanted to convey the message to women and girls that they can be confident & classy without having to give up a part of themselves just to follow whatever is trending. By sharing my personal style I wanted to show women it’s a wonderful thing to embrace a style you truly love instead of a style that someone else likes.

What social media outlet do you use most frequently and why?

Instagram, for sure. A picture to me, is worth 1000 words! I just love being able to publish a photo that I’ve spent so much time perfecting every detail, pouring my love and passion in to it and then publishing it into my pretty little gallery for all to see. From the beginning, Instagram has been my main focus and I love how easily you can find others with the same passions and loves as you. That truly inspires me. Instagram is full of inspiration for me and I think staying inspired is so important.

How did you develop such a unique and recognizable “look” for your blog?

I developed my aesthetic my purely focusing on the things that I love and that also inspire me. I love the feminine style and that from the beginning was something I wanted to share. I wanted to do it in a way that would be different. So for example, not everything I wear or own is pink but I try to introduce some kind of pink element to my photos to still give that look and feel. I also have been very strict from the beginning when it comes to the things/colors/settings I show in my posts and what I don’t show. Not everything I come into contact with is pastel but because that is what I’m passionate about I only show that in posts. There are so many passionate people today, eager to share their passions with the world. To stand out, It’s important to focus in on something specific that you love, make it your own and run with it!

What are some of your blog photography tips?

My approach with photography has always been very hands on. That’s how I learn best! Whether this is your approach or not the best tip you could ever get with this is to be patient. If you’re just now jumping behind a DSLR camera and you’re photos aren’t giving you the exact look you want, give it time. Trust me! And PLEASE do not beat yourself up for a second. From my experience, the more I try & practice the more satisfied I am with the results I get. If you LOVE bringing colors to your photos and fine tuning things, I highly recommend using Adobe Lightroom. That is another thing you’ll have to be patient with but it’s worth it, trust me! Also, if you have no one to help you with your photography, do it yourself. That is what I do. I use a tripod, remote and I make it work, no excuses! I say that because for some time I let that hold me back from doing photos that featured myself and I wish I learned sooner that I was all the help I needed 🙂

What are some Clever tips for planning out/organizing your posts every week?

A Clever way to plan your posts for the week is to first begin with a content plan for the month. If you can go even further make it 3 months! Select a theme each month. For example, January you’re going to produce content that touches on doing things you’ve really wanted to do! It’s a new year so now you’re making it finally happen. Then you can come up with blog posts & content ideas easier and delegate those ideas to each week of the month so that you can carry it all out and make some blog magic happen. This is exactly how I do it. When it comes down to a specific day I have a general idea of what I should be working on and how that will fit in with the bigger picture.

How do you put your own unique and personal twist on sponsored posts?

When it comes to sponsored posts, the most important aspect I focus on is making the content as organic and natural to my brand & self as possible. I make sure that each sponsored post looks just like anything else I would post. I give these kinds of posts lots of thought, detail and my personal pretty & feminine touch!