This month, we couldn’t be more excited to feature designer-extraordinaire, Liz Morrow. What began as a personal style blog has evolved into a supercenter for all things design related. Liz Morrow can walk you through how to remodel your living room, DIY your way into a new backyard, and even throw a cocktail party to remember! The best part? She’s thrifting-friendly, so she’ll show you how to achieve those nesting dreams, and stay within your budget. With an “edgy meets cozy” style, Liz’s blog is a great place for anyone looking to for the perfect inspiration to spruce up their living space. We love working with Liz because she always creates heart-warming content that is as dazzling as it is relatable! To learn more about Liz, keep reading:


How did you start blogging?

I started blogging in 2008. I was home from college that summer and on some kind of internet rabbit hole dive I discovered personal style blogs and was intrigued, so I just decided to start my own.  It was fun to be involved in a community online that was all about sharing unique and creative style, especially since I was just discovering my own personal style and having a lot of fun playing around with it.  Since then my blog has evolved from my outfit-every-day personal style fashion blogging days, to a lifestyle and interior design focused blog as I’ve grown and my interests have shifted.

Where do you find inspiration for your posts?

From all over the place! I’m a pretty DIY driven person in all areas, so when I find something I see and like, I figure out a way to do it myself more affordably. But I also find inspiration from other bloggers, other interior designers, instagrammers, friends – all over!

Can you tell us about a project you worked on that particularly sparked your creativity, and why?

One of the biggest projects I’ve done, and one that really aligned with my passions and creativity, was my Wildbride Retreats. In 2016 I led a series of retreats for women which were based on my sort of “wild woman” nature-inspired boudoir photography sessions, paired with yoga, the outdoors, and getting in touch with sacred femininity. My best friend led yoga, and I did the photo sessions, and we did it all driving from retreat location to retreat location in my 1972 Winnebago Brave.

What are some of your photography and design/styling tips?

Use natural light!  Unless you’re great at utilizing flash, I definitely recommend using as much natural light as possible. Sometimes this means I have to shoot stuff at weird times (like a dinnertime meal shot in the middle of the day if the sun goes down too early to get a good shot at actual dinnertime). Whenever I’m shooting interiors, I usually turn off all the lights because they typically have a super orange-y tint which throws off the colors in the image. I might have to put my camera on a tripod and have a super long exposure to actually get the shot, but it’ll turn out better than if I’d tried to do it with the lights on.

Styling-wise, I like to always keep my eyes out at thrift stores for interesting pieces I can incorporate into shoots.  For food photography this might be an interesting bowl, or a pretty tray. For interiors, I’m always looking for unique and eclectic things that add texture and interest. Thrifting is my favorite way to find things that are one-of-a-kind and affordable.

How do you ensure that sponsored posts stay authentic and true to your style?

I always make sure that it’s a brand that fits my current content and lifestyle, and a campaign that I can seamlessly fit into my blog and Instagram. I like to make sure that my photo concepts will match my Instagram feed so they don’t feel jarring from the look and feel of what I’ve already got going on.


Can you name a couple of your favorite past CLEVER programs, and what made them so special?

Tillamook Aged Cheese: While I don’t do a ton of food content anymore (becoming a mom two years ago means my culinary focus has shifted into a more PB&J and leftovers space lately), I will forever love shooting and styling food photos as well as entertaining. And let’s be real, is there anything more delicious than a cheese board? I was eating the leftovers from this shoot for probably a week and it was a delicious week.


Vanity Fair Extra Absorbent Napkins: I don’t get my camera out to shoot myself and my son as much as I did in that first year (you know, the monthly photo thing, which I promptly stopped doing once he turned 1) so I love anything that gets me to get off my butt and allows me to create some fun images of my son. When I came up with the pancake concept for this shoot I was super excited and I love the photos we created so much, they’re some of my favorite that I have of me and my son, Jack!  He’s such a little goofball so getting to shoot him for that campaign was a blast.