This month we’re embracing all things nostalgic with Maria of  Little Tree Vintage! With a unique style and an eye for nailing chic throwback looks, Little Tree Vintage offers a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to bring a classic touch to their daily lives. Maria started out using blogging as a way to share her personal style and connect with fellow fashionistas – but today, she covers a whole lot more than just fashion! Are you a new mom navigating the challenges of parenthood? Maria has a section on her blog just for you. Or are you looking for some ideas to put the fun back in family time? Little Tree Vintage has something for you as well! We love working with Maria because she always creates dreamy content that’s inspired by yesterday, relevant today, and makes our clients shine. To learn more about her, keep reading! 


What is a fun fact that your fellow CLEVERs may not know about you?

 I may look tall in photos but I am actually only 4’10”! I am also 100% Greek.

What inspired you to start blogging? 

I started blogging when I first graduated college and that was to share my love for vintage and fashion. I was really inspired by everything handmade, and pre-loved. I followed a few other bloggers who paved the way, and I really fell in love with how it connected me with people. I loved the feeling I got when I knew I inspired someone to try something new, or buy something vintage they wouldn’t normally buy. Although my blog has changed drastically, my love for blogging has not. I have a true passion for connecting with others and sharing my story.

How do you decide which topics to blog about, and what do you do to ensure that your blog is well rounded while still staying “on brand”? 

When deciding which topics to blog about I always try and stay true to who I am. If I don’t feel like it is a good fit, I won’t blog about that specific topic. I have always felt really passionate sharing about fashion and beauty, and that has always been a constant on my blog. Some new additions to the blog are my posts on motherhood, homemaking, and everything that has to do with parenting. 

What is one challenge you have overcome as an Influencer, and how did you overcome it? 

I think a challenge all influencers are facing right now is all of the platforms we are sharing on and how they are ever-changing. We all know instagram has its ups and downs, and trying to navigate the algorithm is very challenging. I think the best way to overcome any challenge in this industry is to keep producing content that you are proud of and staying true to yourself. 


Check out some of Maria’s favorite past CLEVER programs below!

Bj’s Wholesale Club: I loved being able to do this post and share some photos of my son and husband. My husband is not in a lot of my posts (he is more private) so any time I have the option to share more of my personal life I really enjoy it. 

Hanes Comfydence Series: This was one of my favorite series of all time because Hanes is a brand I really love and have loved for a long time. This was a post that really made me think outside of the box and get creative! I wanted to showcase my fashion while also sharing a product that isn’t normally talked about in “fashion” posts.

Vanity Fair Napkins: I loved being able to share my love for cooking and shoot a different type of photo than I normally would. I don’t usually post any pictures in our kitchen and it was really fun to think outside the box.