This month’s Featured Influencer is Natasha Brown of Grits & Grace! While Grits & Grace may have started out primarily as a parenting blog, it has now evolved into a haven for all the multifaceted mammas out there! Whether you’re looking for creative inspiration in your life – or just need to hear some real talk from another mom who knows how it is – this is the blog for you! Natasha keeps it real (just the way we like it!) covering everything from beauty and fashion tips, to recipes, and parenting advice. We love working with Natasha because she produces high quality content, and always puts her own, authentic spin on sponsored posts. To learn more about Natasha, keep reading!


How did you start blogging?  

I started my very first blog at the age of 14. My sister and I had a very successful blog on Geocities (how old school!) for Destiny’s Child and another group called Immature. Over those few years, we added on other groups such as The Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC. In total, we had six sites, which featured photos and song lyrics and that had thousands of views per month.


What social media outlet do you use most frequently and why?

I love Twitter. While so many influencers are focused on Instagram, I absolutely love the camaraderie that Twitter has to offer. Over the years it seems to have lost its luster a bit, but there is nothing like watching a major event happen and live tweeting it. Plus the best kinds of parties are of course Twitter parties!


Your blog covers several topics (Beauty, Fashion, Parenting, Health, to name a few), how do you find a balance between them?

I wanted my blog to be real, and representative of me. I love a little bit of everything. I feel there are enough bloggers who only stick to one topic, but rarely do you find ones who really talk about everyday life. I try not to cover the same things multiple times in one week. I love movies, I am kind of health conscious, I’m no fashionista, but I love to shop for clothes. While I technically run a parenting blog, I want to show that I am more than just a “mom” I have more interests and this is what they are.


What are some Clever tips for planning out/organizing your posts every week?

A content calendar is a must. For every sponsored post and evergreen posts I have, I put into an online editorial calendar that I share with my sister (this makes it easy for us to bounce ideas off of one another). This allows me to keep track of draft due dates, final posts dates/windows, so I will know what type of content I want to be featured and that I don’t have too many of the same thing posting back to back (although there are times when it happens).


Blog photography tips:

You don’t have to run out and buy a $1000 camera starting off. Remember it’s all about lighting. I try to shoot all of my photos at the same exact time (between 9am-10am), because of how the sun is in my home. My house is naturally dark (like depressing funeral home dark). If I am not able to shoot during that time, I do use my softboxes. A few months ago, my husband put daylight bulbs in each of the rooms to help me out as well. So it allows me to cheat when needed! While a consistent look is great, I don’t drive myself crazy or stress out over it. I have found for me that candid shots are best and to try not to be posed because it takes away from the authenticity.