This month’s Featured Influencer is Paige Rangle, the creative genius behind The Love Designed Life. Exactly what it sounds like, The Love Designed Life is a haven for anyone looking to work a little creative and positive inspiration into their everyday life! Ready to shake up that tired salad recipe? Try one of Paige’s simple, mouth-watering vegan recipes! Need ideas for your upcoming remodel? Look no further! From mom hacks, to tips on leading a healthy lifestyle – The Love Designed Life has it all. We love Paige’s beautiful content, and we can always count on her to capture our client’s vision with stunning and relatable posts. Keep reading to learn more about Paige!

How did you start blogging?
In 2013, right after I had my daughter, I found myself on my phone a lot, mostly on Instagram, which lead me to some great blogs. I had time on my hands then because, breastfeeding. Eventually I thought, I have something to add to this conversation about motherhood. So I started my blog! At first it was just a creative outlet, a place to share what friends frequently asked me about. But since then it has become so much more!

What social media outlet do you use most frequently and why?
I am still most active on Instagram, although the app has changed so much over the years. I actually kinda miss the simplicity of the way it used to be, but we have to grow and evolve along with it, right? I most value the friends and connections I have made through it, so that is what keeps me coming back!

Your blog covers several topics (Interior Design, Food, Family/Parenting, to name a few), how do you find a balance between them?
I like to focus on whatever is inspiring me the most at the moment. I do try to generally keep my blog within those certain topics, but I don’t spend a lot of time trying to balance out the categories. Over the last year or so, we have been remodeling our home, so sharing that process has taken up more of my blog space. That being said, if I notice that I haven’t done a recipe in a while, for example, I might try to incorporate one of those in an upcoming post. And I try not to have two blog posts in a row within the same category, just to keep it fresh!

How did you develop your own unique blogging style, and how do you maintain a consistent style across all of your posts?
When I was first starting out, I did look at other blogs I loved and tried to pay attention to what it was I loved about them. Whether it be the layout of the page, the writing, the photography, etc. I took that information and hired a web designer to help me design my site and make it my own. At this point my style is just something that has evolved over the years of blogging. I am drawn towards light + bright pallets and I try to incorporate that into my photography and overall style. My writing style is very stream-of-thought. It’s basically just the same way I speak in real life!

How do you put your own personal twist on sponsored posts?
I only apply for and accept sponsored posts and collaborations that fit well with our lifestyle and my brand. If it’s a product I wouldn’t actually buy or use, I won’t even apply. I think my audience would see right through that! That makes it easier for me when I do get a campaign, because it’s already such a natural fit in my mind. Then it’s just a few pictures and talking about how the product fits into our everyday life!