Spring has officially sprung – and we’re celebrating the season of all-things-new with our April Featured Influencer, Stephanie of Olive and Tate! If you’ve been bitten by the konmari bug, or just need a spring refresh around your house, Olive and Tate has the inspiration you’ve been looking for. After renovating and flipping five houses (and counting!) Stephanie has more than just a few pro-tips to share on how you can achieve the home makeover of your dreams. Her blog is full of design and decor ideas that will keep your renovation dreams on track – but it doesn’t stop there! She also offers her take on motherhood, healthy living, and so much more. We love working with Olive and Tate because she always brings brand stories to life in a way that is authentic, and sparkles with her own unique voice. To learn more about Olive and Tate, keep reading…


What inspired you to start blogging?

I started blogging almost six years ago, way before blogging was or could be a true business, as a way to document our move from South Carolina to Northern Maine. We moved as soon as we came home from our Honeymoon and to say we were out of our element is an understatement. I used the blog to keep our family and friends updated on our adventures, our failings as Northerners and as an outlet for myself in a new place without a single familiar face. Over the past six years, I’ve blogged about being a newlywed, two pregnancies, motherhood, our homes, renovations and four more moves!


How do you come up with decor and renovation ideas?

For me, each room design starts with one single element. It could be a wallpaper print, a light fixture, a paint color, but there’s always a design detail that I’m dying to put into action. I build room designs around that single element and rarely follow any “rules” about design. I honestly choose what makes me happy and lends to the vibe I’m trying to create in the space – I’ve been known to choose extremely oversized light fixtures, paint the ceilings pink, use a leather club chair in a nursery and buy art at flea markets!


Do you have a “dream brand” you’d like to work with one day? If so, who?

If Chevy wanted to upgrade my mom-mobile, I’d be all about it!


What are a few of your go-to tips for successfully running a blog?

Find your own unique voice, nurture it and stick with it. There will always be fresh new blogs on the scene, our industry and its standards are always changing and never set in stone and the “wins” can sometimes feel few and far between, but, your voice is what makes you unique to your audience and it’s something that can never be duplicated or taken from you.


Tell us about a couple of your favorite past CLEVER programs, and why you loved working on them:

I loved the project with Carowinds because our family had just moved to the Charlotte area and we were so excited to explore our new city. My son had just turned 3 and the campaign was focused on the preschooler geared play area. We truly had a blast working with Carowinds as a family and have already renewed our season tickets for this coming season.

The Maxi Cosi campaign was special for me because while I only partner with brands that I believe in, Maxi Cosi holds a special place in my heart. Years ago, my son and I were in a car accident when he was just 5 months old. He was taken to the ER in his car seat, which was a Maxi Cosi – my son was uninjured and the seat snagged the seal of approval from a pediatric emergency doctor. Having the opportunity to work with Maxi Cosi years later on a seat for my daughter was an amazing opportunity for me to come full circle with a brand that I love.