Do you love approachable, healthy recipes that are deliciously drool-worthy? What about organic DIY beauty hacks? Oh, you like home decor and parenting pro-tips, as well? Then this month’s featured influencer, Wendy Polisi, is your dream come true! We love working with Wendy because, not only does she produce amazing content in each and every post, but she always brings a unique and inspiring perspective that only a health-focused mom and foodie extraordinaire can offer. Wendy makes healthy living, parenting, and cooking both fun and fool-proof! To learn more about Wendy, keep reading.

How did you start blogging?

I started blogging by accident.  My husband owned a mortgage company that went under in the market crash in 2007/2008. My boys were small, and I was looking for a way to earn a little bit of extra money and stay home with them. I ran across a course in “internet marketing,” and joined. I set up a bunch of websites to earn ad money. I did this, with a goal of making $500 a month.

One of them,, took off and was getting 1,000 visitors a day within a month or too. It grew from there! At the time, I didn’t even know what a food blog was.

What social media outlet do you use most frequently and why?

Facebook…because I love being frustrated. 🙂

How did you develop such a unique personal style?

I think this is a process and something I am always working on. I am naturally a very shy and private person, so it is always a struggle about how much of myself to put out there.  

Lately, I have been thinking more about meeting my readers where they are and making that connection. It is a work in progress for sure!

What is your favorite thing to blog about, and why?

I still enjoy the recipe posts the most, because I love to be in the kitchen. It is my happy place.

How do you come up with recipe ideas?

I have been a recipe collector for years, so that helps. I have over 10,000 recipes in Evernote to look at when I am short on inspiration. I love to open and read ten or so along the same theme and then close them and write my version. Most of the time I change things dramatically once I am in the kitchen.  

Also, since we travel and eat out a good bit, many of my ideas come from meals I’ve had out that I am trying to recreate.

What are some of your blog photography tips?

Photography is my weak spot, but I think the biggest tip I have for those that feel like they aren’t where they want to be is to look back at old photos. I get down sometimes, but then I look at where I was four years ago and realize how far I have come.

Also, always be learning! I try to make time every week to learn something new.

What are some Clever tips for planning out/organizing your posts every week?

I like to plan out what I am going to do each month before the month starts. With three kids and homeschooling, things almost never look like I expected when all is said and done. But it is always better if I start with a plan.

How do you put your own unique and personal twist on sponsored posts?

I always try to weave in a story as well as make the post valuable to the reader. At the end of the day, readers want to feel connected. This helps them not feel like you are just trying to sell them on a company.

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