This month, we’re taking a vicarious trip around the world with Travel to Blank! Steve & Jazmin, the blogging power-couple behind Travel to Blank, stumbled upon their passion for blogging when they began recording their travels fresh out of college! Over the past several years, they’ve built an online community and valuable resource for all aspects of travel. From packing guides to itineraries, Travel to Blank will get you ready for your next vacation. Keep reading to learn more about how they built their blog and some advice for anyone diving into the travel blogging niche! 


What inspired you both to start blogging?

Our blog actually started on Steven’s personal website. After college we moved to Ecuador, where Jazmin is from, and Steven started writing about what it was like to be an expat and some of the small trips we did in Ecuador to update his friends and family back in the US. After the posts started gaining some natural traction we started building up Travel To Blank.

What is one of your favorite memories from your careers as Influencers?

The first memory that pops into my mind is from a trip we took to Memphis, TN. We were walking through the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum full of bright and colorful memorabilia from throughout the history of rock and soul music. In one of the exhibits is a neon sign from an old record shop. Out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like my name. Stopping in my tracks I see a surprise custom welcome note the museum had left on the letter board for Jazmin and I to find as we explored. It was amazing how above and beyond the team at the museum went just to make sure we felt welcome. It really was a highlight of our day and the entire trip to Memphis!

How do you balance the variety of channels that you’re active on, and how do you stay engaged on each of them?

We are most active on just two platforms, being our website and Instagram. Recently we have started to increase our activity on both Facebook and Twitter while we travel to help grow our community. One way we stay engaged on so many platforms is by reusing the same content across platforms. Instagram allows you to publish to Facebook and Twitter, and captions are easy enough to copy and paste between platforms. It is just important to remember the way to tag locations, tourism boards, and brands on each platform differs, so do not just post across all platforms without a little planning.

What are some creative ways you’ve found to monetize such a niche blog, while still maintaining authenticity?

We maintain authenticity in our blog monetization by focusing on working with brands that we already use and trust. This does not mean we won’t try new products for paid promotion, but we do highlight both the good and less-than-good features of those products and experiences we have with them. While we unfortunately do not have the opportunity to work with every brand we would like, we also seek out affiliate programs to monetize product recommendations we already use.

What’s one destination you haven’t yet been to, but would love to go? Why?

The next big destination on our list is South Africa. We would love to visit because of its rich and diverse landscapes and wildlife. At the same time, it has beautiful cities and a very important history that we want to learn more about from those who lived it firsthand.

What advice do you have for travel bloggers who are just starting out?

The biggest advice to new travel bloggers is to stay true to yourself and build an authentic audience. It is also never too early to invest time and money into some sort of education or class related to blogging, for example photography editing, video production, SEO, or just a general blogging course. It is important to always keep learning, and it’s hard to look back and see that you might have been doing something wrong for years when a small upfront investment could have jump-started your skills.