We’re celebrating our 10th birthday this year. Ten years ago, the CLEVER founders, Cat, Kristy, and Stefania, started the company with a mission of helping women achieve their personal and professional goals. They believed real people tell the best brand stories. This hasn’t changed in ten years. Ten years ago, Influencer Marketing wasn’t even called Influencer Marketing. We are proud to have spent a decade creating, developing, and leading the industry as we know it.

We recently ran a sweepstakes on our Instagram to celebrate and we’re super excited to announce our winner, Elaine Rau. Learn more about her and her content in the interview below!


Tell us a little more about yourself.

I am half Chinese, half German/American and grew up in Taiwan. Shoutout to all the halfie babes out there! 

I have two brands: 

  1. Personal brand @elainerau – My personal brand is all about my lifestyle as a full-time blogger and entrepreneur, showcasing the products I use, conferences I speak at, and my travels.

  2. Professional brand @ladybossblogger – My professional brand is a resource for current and aspiring female entrepreneurs. If you subscribe to my email list, I send out free weekly resources on all aspects of how to start, grow and scale an online business. 

How long have you been in the influencer world?

I started actively growing my personal brand on February 17, 2018. I started my professional brand and business blog a year prior to that.

What type of content do you post about and why?

I like to inspire and motivate with my content because that is the kind of content I personally like to see on my feed. I pair inspirational quotes with photos of my travels and lifestyle on Instagram @elainerau and just started posting on my blog as well.

The same concept goes for LadyBossBlogger.com, my team and I post on topics relating to marketing, business, entrepreneurship, social media, influencer marketing and more.

How would you describe your signature style?

I like things to be systematic and easy so I don’t have to think about what I’m going to wear, while still looking cute of course!

Here is my system:

  1. When traveling – maxi dresses only. Not only does this make packing super easy, but also when deciding what to wear everyday, I don’t need to match tops with bottoms. The only exception I make is for harem pants.

  2. When going to events or speaking at conferences – body con knee length dresses only. 

  3. When working from home – fuzzy bathrobe only!

What inspires you to create content?

I believe we are all on this earth to create and inspire! Nothing you do is insignificant because it is significant to SOMEONE, even if that someone is yourself. 

What’s one influencer pro-tip or piece of advice you can share OR what’s the best piece of influencer advice you’ve received?

In addition to promoting other people’s brands, make sure your brand is strong enough to stand on its own because that is why you get hired. Let’s say for example a brand wants you to promote them and are willing to pay you a lot of money but their brand doesn’t align with yours… will you be able to turn them down? If you have a strong brand and know what you stand for, the answer will be yes. Don’t just promote everyone. When you’re starting out, this manifests itself in who you reach out to. 

Who are your biggest influencer inspiration, tag ‘em and share why!

I’m a huge fan of Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, founder of Making Sense Of Cents. I learned everything about affiliate marketing from her when I bought her course because I knew I wanted to learn from the best, and she is the best! If I remember correctly, she is a halfie like me!

What’s the secret(s) to your content (photography, video, copywriting, etc.) sauce?! 

Templates! People always tell me they can recognize my content on their feed immediately because once I decide on a template, I use it over and over again. For example if you go to @ladybossblogger you can see I rotate between 2 templates, but because the content within the template is always different – it’s never boring.

What’s one thing you hope to accomplish this year as an influencer? 

I want to help new influencers learn how to actually make money with their accounts and stop posting for free.