As I type this blog post, there are currently 118+ million photos on Instagram fastened to the hashtag #foodporn. 56+ million under the #foodie umbrella, and the ever-so-subtle #foodgasm has 24.1+ million posts to its name. We like food. Food is major. Give us more food!

You got it.

Pairing the right influencers with our favorite food brands is in our DNA. From gourmet to everyday, CLEVER’s lineup of multi-tier Food Influencers guarantees to meet your marketing goals.

High-quality recipe-creation? We got you. Coupon sharing? We’ll have 1,000+ influencers engaging with their audiences on behalf of your brand, no problem. Maybe you’re looking for a video series showcasing your brand in a fresh, fun light. Done and done.

Our influencers are boundlessly creative and will craft compelling content for you to repurpose for years to come.

Content, reach, engagement, conversion. We deliver. So let’s get cooking!

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