Our influencers are real people—women, men, teens, tweens, parents, pets, food lovers, athletes, celebrities, beauty experts, fashionistas, lifestyle trendsetters, crafters, and we’re proudly diverse.


We represent the best social celebrities, microinfluencers, and friend-to-friend influencers who drive major results.

CLEVER’s lineup of game-changing influencers is flawlessly managed by our team of influencer marketing experts and supported by CLEVER’s proprietary platform, Gen4 DASH.

We guarantee quality, FTC compliance, reach, impressions, and engagement. Every time. Everywhere.


Our programs integrate a curated selection of influencers based on brand affinity, channel preference, and audience insights to hit the sweet spot of engagement and drive results.

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Let’s activate the industry’s best influencers to tell your brand story. We provide flawlessly-managed service backed by a decade of experience and help you prove your results with our advanced tech, analytics, and insights.

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