Ladies in cyberspace, raise your (virtual) hand if you love yourself some beer! Two hands up if you can get down on a shot (or three) of whiskey, tequila, or Fernet! We see you, female friends, and we get you.

Not every woman is a ‘rosé all day’ type of girl. CLEVER Founders, Stefania Pomponi and Kristy Sammis, raise the question in Food & Drink Magazine: Why do beer and alcohol brands act as if every woman has signed an oath to strictly sip on wine coolers? We’re coming up on the ad-driven, alcohol-consuming day that is the Super Bowl—billions of boozy dollars have been spent to captivate audiences and push product during commercials—and they got it all wrong.
The booze industry has missed the mark—big time—by neglecting their female audience—who control 85% of consumer goods purchases, might we add. Head on over HERE and check out our Founders and CLEVER influencers break down the booze industry’s hyper male-focused missteps in their Food & Drink International piece, “Women Like to Drink, Too!”.

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