Why do the boys clothes get all the predators, and the girls get all the prey?

Enter: Girls Up Front, a powerful collection of girls clothing designed with a mission to change just that. One mama’s realization was the genesis of their first mini collection of rad clothes made for tiny feminists, “Predator Not Prey.” The result is a line of beautifully crafted girls clothes featuring the fierce predators usually reserved for the boys’ section. Made by women in the San Francisco Bay Area, with original fabrics printed in the US, Girls Up Front is proud to be creating jobs for women, providing beautifully made clothes for your favorite little feminist, and smashing the notion that our girls are prey.

It’s time to put the GRRR in GIRL! The team at Girls Up Front need your help to get the message out—their Kickstarter runs through December 31, and these clothes won’t make it out in the world unless they reach their $15k goal!

CLEVER is proud to support a company with the mission of empowering girls (start ’em young!). Learn more about Girls Up Front by heading over to their Kickstarter!

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