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June 12, 2020: ADWEEK, "We’re Sorry for Not Listening to Black Influencers Before"

June 9, 2020: MarketWatch, "Black tech workers hope nationwide protests will force industry to be more inclusive"

April 6, 2020: CLEVER blog, "How to Manage a Virtual Workforce"

October 4, 2018: Curalate, "3 Methods to Measure Purchase Intent Across Influencer Campaigns" 

June 13, 2018: Forbes, "Questions to Ask Your Influencer Marketing Partner (Before You Sign)"

January 5, 2018: Huffington Post, "Six Ways To Win At Influencer Marketing in 2018"

January 5, 2018: Advertising Week, "Six Ways To Win At Influencer Marketing in 2018"

September 8, 2017: Huffington Post, "The Fate of Facebook Micro-Influencers"

August 25, 2017: Campaign US, "Why marketers should bet on influencers over programmatic"

August 4, 2017: SmartBrief, "Lessons from starting an influencer marketing agency"

May 24, 2017: Fortune, "What Every Entrepreneur Should Be More Prepared for When It Comes to Money"

April 10, 2017: Fortune, "When Success Looks Questionable, Fake It ’Til You Make It"

April 3, 2017: Ad Age, "Go Small or Go Home: Despite Criticism, Microinfluencers Are Crushing It"

February 11, 2017: Fortune Magazine, "How Women Can Get the Pay Raises Men Do"

February 6, 2017: Campaign, "Demystifying measurement in influencer marketing"

February 1, 2017: Food & Drink Magazine, "Women Like to Drink, Too!"

November 30, 2016: AdvertisingAge, "Exclusivity Ruins Authenticity"

September 13, 2016: WOMMA, "FTC Compliance and Disclosures: How to Keep It Real"

August 25, 2014:  Buzzfeed, “9 Totally Insane Truths About Your Holiday Shopping Habits”

Articles Featuring CLEVER

February 19, 2020: Digiday, "‘The buzz from Bloomberg has other people looking’: Why 2020 is going to be the influencer election"

February 6, 2020: Digiday, "‘A bit impersonal’: The rise of influencer marketing agencies rankles influencers"

October 9, 2019: Local Wise, "189 SF Businesses with Flexible Workplace Benefits"

September 12, 2019: The Holmes Report, "New Trade Group Launches To Protect Influencer Marketing"

January 18, 2019: Meininger's, "The Secrets of Wine Instagram"

August 2, 2018: Forbes, "Nine Ways To Live A More Balanced, Productive Life As An Entrepreneur"

May 29, 2018: TheStreet, "McDonald's Criticized for Not Doing More in Wake of Sexual Harassment Claims"

May 22, 2018: Marketing Communication News, "Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies Announce the First Ever Influencer Marketing Trade Association"

May 16, 2018: Adweek, "Blockchain is Magic for Influencer Marketing, But in a Bad Way"

May 4, 2018: Adweek, "Nike Is Trying to Build a Culture That Is ‘Truly Inclusive, Respectful’ After New York Times Investigation"

April 26, 2018: Forbes, "What Do Facebook's Data Breach Issues Mean For The Future Of Influencer Marketing?"

April 17, 2018: Adweek, "After Starbucks Had 2 Black Men Arrested, Is the Chain Living Up to Its Stance on Diversity and Equality?"

April 6, 2018: Adweek, "Agency Insiders Debate Whether the Erin Johnson Harassment Settlement Will Inspire Real Change"

March 18, 2018: TheStreet, "You're Dumb If You Invest in Snap's Stock Without Reading the Annual Report"

March 14, 2018: Forbes, "Influencer Measurement: The Good, The Bad, And The Totally Fake"

February 1, 2018: Forbes, "Eight Women Leaders On Their Mentor's Best Advice"

January 29, 2018: Business Insider, "Facebook's News Feed Change Could Bury the Biggest Digital Stars"

December 19, 2017: Entrepreneur 360 List 

December 1, 2017: The Street, "Tiger Woods' Comeback Won't Revive His Brand"

November 17, 2017: Digiday, "Why Colin Kaepernick has few brand suitors"

October 10, 2017: '40 Women to Watch Over 40' 

September 19, 2017: Adweek 'Portrait', "Since Turning 'Batkid' into a Viral Phenomenon, This Agency Has Made the Most of Social Media"

September 15, 2017: AmEx Open Forum, "Middle Market Firms: Business Leaders Weigh Economic Impact"

September 8, 2017: Forbes, "Five Ways To Keep Your Remote Team Thriving"

April 28, 2017: Campaign US, "A rebuttal to Steve Connelly: Remote talent can define culture"

August 24, 2017: Ad Age, "#Hashtag10: A Look Back at the 10 Tags That Shaped Advertising"

August 4, 2017: Marketing Tech, "Insta pods’ and the soul of influencer marketing"

August 2, 2017: PR Daily, "Report: What influencers require to partner with brands"

July 31, 2017: A-List Daily, "Snapchat Losing Luster Among Influencers; Podcast Users Are On The Rise"

July 28, 2017: Mobile Marketer, "Study: 71% of social influencers' income is almost exclusively from sponsored content"

May 3, 2017: Mic, "Think there aren't qualified women in tech? Here are 1,000 names. No more excuses."

April 25, 2017: Adweek, "How Brands Looking for New Audiences Can Avoid Shea Moisture’s Mistake of Alienating Core Fans"

April 21, 2017: Campaign, "FTC warns influencers and brands to make sponsorships Clear"

March 14, 2017: Inc. Magazine, "11 Tips for Working With Millennials...From Bosses Who Know"

February 19, 2017: New York Times, "PewDiePie Dust Up Shows Risks Brands Take to Tap Into Social Media"

December 13, 2016: Inc. Magazine, "What's Your Sign? These Bosses Want to Know"

December 2, 2016: Fortune Magazine, "20 Ridiculous Job Titles That Make Even the Most Boring Jobs Sound Thrilling"

November 21, 2016: Bloguettes, "How Can I Get Approved For Influencer Marketing"

November 11, 2016: How Did She Get There, "Stefania Pomponi On Ignoring Rules And Doing Things Your Own Way"

October 25, 2016: Velocitize: "Influencer Marketing 101: Everyone's An Influencer"

October 15, 2016: Velocitize: "Influencer Marketing 101: From Fans to Friends"

September 9, 2016: Digiday, " 'Who doesn't like cute?' Popular pets spawn a cottage industry of animal influencer agencies"

September 2, 2016: Marie Claire, "Whats Your Sign? This Company is Building a Workplace Culture Based on Astrology and Myers-Briggs"

August 5, 2016: Bloomberg Technology, "FTC to Crack Down on Paid Celebrity Posts That Aren't Clear Ads"

July 23, 2016: Business Insider, "Victoria’s Secret is ignoring a massive shift in the lingerie industry, and it could be costing it tons of money"

July 5, 2016: Digiday, "'The hacker mentality': The new sets of skills agency execs seek today"

April 18, 2016: Venture Beat, "Becoming the next #Batkid: The real science behind social and influencer marketing (webinar)"

January 5, 2016: The Garage (by GoDaddy), "Fantastic Influencer Networks for Female Bloggers"

December 30, 2015:, "Maintaining Authenticity is the Key to Influencer Marketing"

December 30, 2015: eMarketer, "Maintaining Authenticity is the Key to Influencer Marketing"

December 15, 2015: Inc., "3 Ways Influencer Relations Can Enhance Your PR Efforts"

December 12, 2015: Success Magazine, "How to 'Run it Like a Girl'"

December 11, 2015: Silicon Valley Business Journal, "Clever Girls Collective's Cat Lincoln Thrives on Transparency"

November 22, 2015: SportTechie, "Why Digital Endorsements are Changing the Sports World"

September 30, 2015: Showcasing Women, "Spotlight: Cat Lincoln"

July 1, 2015: PR Week, "Celeb Elizabeth Banks Helps Share Social Joy For American Greetings' ThankList"

May 28, 2015: Digiday, "Digiday Content Marketing Awards"

May 26, 2015: Folio, "Top Women in Media – Entrepreneurs"

April 23, 2015: MediaPost, "New! 'Style By Method' From Essence"

April 23, 2015: Advertising Age, "Method Detergent Starts Selling a Fashion Collection"

March 26, 2015: Adweek/PRNewser, "STUDY: Influencer Marketing Pays $6.50 for Every Dollar Spent"

March 25, 2015: CNN Money, "15 Questions with Kristy Sammis"

March 12, 2015: Adweek/PRNewser, "5 Questions on Influencer Marketing Trends with Matthew Myers"

Winter 2015: YEC Quarterly, "It's Not Rocket Science:  Kristy Sammis on the new rules of branding"

November 21, 2014: The Press Democrat, “Napa marketing pro fueled viral Batkid campaign”

November 4, 2014: Silicon Valley Business Journal, “Clever Girls Welcomes Germaine Gaudet”

October 23, 2014: Silicon Valley Business Journal, “Meet all 50 of 2014′s fastest-growing companies”

October 3, 2014: Goal-Driven Social Media: Lessons Learned from #Batkid for your Nonprofit

September 29, 2014: National Retail Federation, “Influence the Influencer”

July 29, 2014: Fast Company, “Watch The Trailer For “Batkid Begins”: See How A City Made A 5-Year-Old Boy With Cancer A Superhero”

June 4, 2014: San Jose Mercury News, “Clever Girls Collective and KidzVuz Announce Launch of The First Family Influencer Network”

June 3, 2014: Adweek, “Clever Girls Collective, KidzVuz Create Family Friendly Online Network”

April 14, 2014: Digital Journal, “Clever Girls Collective Honored to Be Awarded Three Prestigious Shorty Awards”

April 14, 2014: San Jose Mercury News, “Clever Girls Collective Honored to Be Awarded Three Prestigious Shorty Awards”

April 14, 2014:  Inside Bay Area, "Clever Girls Collective Honored to Be Awarded Three Prestigious Shorty Awards"

April 14, 2014:, “Clever Girls Collective Honored to Be Awarded Three Prestigious Shorty Awards”

April 7, 2014: Official Shorty Awards Blog, “And the winners of the 6th annual Shorty Awards are…”

March 31, 2014: San Jose Mercury News, “Going Viral: How Clever Girls Collective Helped #Batkid Save The Day”

March 31, 2014: Boston Globe, “Going Viral: How Clever Girls Collective Helped #Batkid Save The Day”

March 31, 2014:, “Going Viral: How Clever Girls Collective Helped #Batkid Save The Day”

March 31, 2014: Digital Journal, “Going Viral: How Clever Girls Collective Helped #Batkid Save The Day”

March 25, 2014: Good Business New York, “Get Paid to Blog About Your Favorite Things”

December 31, 2013: Postano, “13 Best Social Media Campaigns of 2013″

December 16, 2013: Time Newsfeed, “Watch the Most Heartwarming Stories of 2013″

November 22, 2013: Fast Company, “Inside The Social Media Strategy That Made Batkid Go Viral”

November 21, 2013: PR Newser, “Yes, #SFBatKid Had a Social Media Agency”

November 20, 2013: Digiday, “Inside the Plan That Helped Batkid Win Twitter”

November 20, 2013: Napa Valley Register, “Napan helps Batkid go viral”

November 18, 2013: Mashable, “How Batkid Conquered the World, by the numbers”

November 18, 2013: CNBC, “Going Viral: How we helped BatKid save the day”

November 18, 2013: KiSS 92.5, “Bat Kid Warms Hearts Around The World”

November 15, 2013: San Francisco Business Times, “San Francisco answers the Bat Signal with social media”

November 15, 2013: USAToday, “Our hero! Batkid saves the day in San Francisco”

November 14, 2013: SJ Mercury News, “Batkid: San Francisco transforms into Gotham to make 5-year-old’s wish come true”

October 28, 2013: North Bay Business Journal, “Innovation Napa Valley summit focuses on economic growth”

October 22, 2013: Napa Valley Patch, “Napa Valley Needs To Diversify, Innovate To Grow Economy, Speaker Says”

October 18, 2013: KVON Radio, “Innovation Napa Valley, Emerging Entrepreneurs Panelists”

October 7, 2013: North Bay Business Journal, “Innovation Napa Valley Conference is Oct. 22″

September 28, 2013: Napa Valley Register, “Napa chamber presents Innovation conference”

September 24, 2013: Founder, President & Chief Evangelist, Stefania Pomponi awarded one of 100 “most influential and impactful media professionals of the year” by Folio

September 6, 2013: Silicon Valley Business Journal, “To pitch or not to pitch? Women startup founders weigh VC funds vs. bootstrapping”

August 15, 2013: PRWeek Tumblr, “The C*Word with Kathryn Minshew”

June 28, 2013: MediaPostNews, “Toyota Getting Bloggers to ‘Get’ Toyota”

June 28, 2013: San Francisco Business Times, “Stefania Pomponi: President and co-founder, Clever Girls Collective”

June 28, 2013: Forbes, “How To Approach Bloggers Without Offending Them”

April 17, 2013: CNET, “Surprise! Kids don’t know what the save icon stands for”

April 13, 2013: Napa Valley Register, “Napa woman helps harness power of social media for advertising”

April 10, 2013: PRWeek, “Clever Girls platform manages blogger programs”

March 11, 2013: Folio Mag, “Harnessing a Blogger Network”

March 5, 2013: Social Media Today, “Need Content? Contact a Clever Girl”

November 27, 2012: Social Media Club, LA, “CyberMonday 2012 – Doin’ It On Your Phone”

November 15, 2012: Bulldog Reporter, “Holiday Shopping Trends”

November 15, 2012: Business2Community, “Social Media and the Female Holiday Shopper”  

Clever Awards

August 2017: Inc. 5000, CLEVER Announced as One of Inc. 5000's Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2017

June 2017: CLEVER recognized as a Great Place to Work—the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures

November 2016: Word Of Mouth Marketing Association, Bronze win for “Best Use of WOMM To Promote A Social Cause” for work on the National Give Out Day program

October 2016: Inc.5000, Named 1,493 on the list of fastest-growing private companies

August 2016: SF Business Times, "Named #82 of the Top 100 Women-Owned Businesses"

November 2015: Digiday, Content Marketing Awards “Best Agency / Client Collaboration” for work on the Western Union #WUHomeCooked Program

May 2015: Folio, “2015 Top Women In Media: Entrepreneurs”

November 2014: Word Of Mouth Marketing Association,“Gold Award for Cause Marketing” for work on the global Batkid program

May 2014: Marketers That Matter, “Small Company Digital Innovation Marketing Team”

April 2014: Shorty, “Best Small Agency” for work on the global Batkid program

April 2014: Shorty, “Best Twitter Campaign” for work on the global Batkid program

April 2014: Shorty, “Best Social Good Campaign” for work on the global Batkid program  

Speaking Engagements

3 Percent Conference, Stefania Pomponi, " #40Whatever Pecha Kucha"

V-Wise National Conference, Cat Lincoln: Keynote, “Run (It) Like A Girl”

Stanford Social Innovation Review Conference, Stefania Pomponi: Keynote,  "Goal Driven Social Media"

KEEN Digital Summit, Kristy Sammis: “What Is Native Advertising?”

SxSw (Tweethouse), Cat / Kristy / Stefania: “How Batkid Won Twitter”

Professional Services Marketing Group, Kristy Sammis: Keynote, “What Every Social Media Plan Can Learn from #Batkid”

Wells Fargo Social Media Steering 

Committee Wells Fargo Social Media

Summit PBS Brandmasters Seminar

Unified Wine Symposium JPMorgan Chase

Webinar PBS Publicists Meeting  


Kristy Sammis on The Half Hour Intern, "Influencer Marketing with Kristy Sammis"

Kristy Sammis is on Technology Advice's industry podcast: Who Says Project Management Can't Be Sexy?