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CLEVER was founded by women who pioneered social media influencer programs, well before anyone was calling this crazy industry “social media.”

To book one of our founders or team members to speak at your next event, please contact pr@realclever.com.

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Cat Lincoln

Founder & CEO

I say "what if" a lot. Also, "Yeah, we have budget for that." Wizard of #officeastrology, denizen of #themagicalcityofsf. Poet, photographer, #VIBRouge.

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Kristy Sammis

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

RuPaul said, "If you can't hide it, decorate it" which is why I believe in flair. I turn "what ifs" into "yeah, we dids."

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Stefania Pomponi

Founder, President & Chief Evangelist

Adventurer. Author. Founder. Hip Hopper. #Tabata Enthusiast. Party-Thrower. Do-Gooder. Rebel. Mamma. #saladbullshit #thisgirlcan

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