Validating digital marketing spend is difficult, yet brands continue to dedicate big budgets to influencer marketing efforts, hoping that their message reaches the right potential customers.

CLEVER INFLUENCER AUDIENCE TARGETING uses data to pinpoint exactly who your brand will reach through your CLEVER program.

Our new marketing intelligence engine allows CLEVER to start every program with your ideal influencer and her audience. This helps guarantee that your message reaches the right audience based on:

  • DEMOGRAPHIC DATA: age, gender, ethnicity, etc.

  • PSYCHOGRAPHIC DATA: interests, likes and dislikes, brand affinities, retailer preference, etc.

  • GEOGRAPHIC DATA: city, metro area, state, etc.


Imagine you are a popular vitamin brand, thrilled to acquire shelf space at Target. To help build awareness, CLEVER works with you to define the ideal potential buyers: cosmopolitan fitness enthusiasts who prefer to shop at Target. First, CLEVER uses that profile to curate a list of influencers with audiences that include these attributes. Then we activate a program where influencers share compelling, authentic, branded content. The result: their inspired, enthusiastic readers try your vitamin on their next visit to Target.

You can now add Influencer Audience Targeting to every CLEVER program. Let us find the influencers who reach your target audience and deliver a message that matters. Contact us to learn more.


  • Great article GenevieveIsola!

    I want to ask you.

    What do you think about influencer marketing? Is it more beneficial than FB ads for an example?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi, Filip —

      So glad you liked the article and I am happy to answer your question. I’ll try my best to be brief— there is so much to say about the benefits of influencer marketing.

      When it comes to sparking and establishing a genuine relationship between brand and consumer, influencer marketing is the only way to go. Because influencer marketing is focused on authenticity and speaking directly to a specific audience, brands are able to establish organic connections with consumers—and that emotional connection MATTERS. Programmatic ads are often generic and at the mercy of algorithms, this tactic only speaks to *some* consumers and often targets the wrong audience, entirely. Influencer marketing is brand-safe, tailored, targeted, and relatable—the combination of those elements allow audiences to imagine a product fitting into their lifestyle seamlessly.

      We truly believe our long-held position that real people tell the best brand stories, and if you’d like to hear more, feel free to contact us at


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