You may have seen the news today that private information from over 12,000 prominent social media influencers across various social media platforms were exposed last month by a data breach at a marketing firm that pairs influencers with brands.

We want you to know we take security very seriously at CLEVER.

These days, every organization faces a constant barrage of security challenges from hackers and bugs, but an under-discussed area of data security is people. It appears the data breach referenced in the article was due to human error. As an agency that believes real people tell the best brand stories, we also believe real people can prevent security breaches from happening in the first place.

Security was our primary concern when architecting DASH, our Gen4 influencer marketing platform, which houses sensitive information from thousands of our own influencers. We started with a framework of industry standard authentication, authorization, and cryptographic systems.  We keep a tight control over who has administrative access to our hosted systems, and regularly audit system security and access. Finally, we backup our data on a private network so that information is never publicly accessible.

We hope this assures you of our commitment to data security. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Jody Hart

VP of Technology