Kristy Sammis

Kristy Sammis is the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of CLEVER, an award-winning, multimillion-dollar influencer marketing agency.

Kristy co-founded CLEVER in 2009 because she is passionate about the ways in which friends, strangers, and organizations intersect online.

From bootstrapped start-up to thriving agency, Kristy has been responsible for developing CLEVER network, product & service offerings, marketing & sales strategies, and brand voice. She also led the development of CLEVER proprietary technology platform, which CLEVER uses to connect brands with their network of vetted social media influencers.
Kristy’s spent the better part of the last decade translating the amazing aspects of social media – those embodied by the #Batkid phenomenon that CLEVER spearheaded – into business principles: notably, that authenticity rules, “users” are actually human beings, and great stories always win the day.