Stefania Pomponi

Stefania Pomponi is the Founder, President, and Chief Evangelist of CLEVER, an award-winning influencer marketing agency. Stefania co-founded CLEVER in 2009 because she is passionate about how content creation via compelling storytelling can achieve business goals.

From bootstrapped Silicon Valley start-up to award-winning influencer marketing agency, Stefania is responsible for inking key partnerships and leading PR efforts. She is a sought-after, dynamic speaker on the subject of influencer marketing and, as Chief Evangelist, is the public face of the company.

For the last decade, Stefania has been shaping the influencer marketing industry as a blog editor and producer working for Fortune 100 media companies hiring quite literally thousands of bloggers and championing their rights to be paid for their influential work. She is a pioneer in the world of influencer marketing, best exemplified by the viral #Batkid phenomenon spearheaded by CLEVER.