Our Clever Team

Alison Kimble

Product Manager

A marketer and a storyteller. A painter with words and PowerPoint. I dance in my living room daily, and will greet any dog as I would an old friend.

Allison Reidy

Business Operations Coordinator

I help cover all the bases so you can knock it out of the park. Bargain hunter, pug enthusiast, glitter lover.

Ashley James

Sales Director

Whether it’s ensuring that our clients are happy, making it to the beach before sunset, or getting to the front row of a concert, I don’t mess around. Whatever you do, do it big.

Asta Karalis Fletcher

Membership Services Project Manager

Working really closely with our influencers to create killer programs! When I’m not at my desk, you can find me on the dance floor.

Bethany Hubbell

Sales Operations Coordinator

Sonoma County girl through and through. Obsessed with Social Media, Excel spreadsheets, wine, and food. Wife, mom and CRM Queen.

Brandon Farley

Analytics Director

I feel that regardless of rules, limitations, or traditions, everything should be open to questioning and reevaluation. That said, I try to stay grounded in the principle that the pursuit of perfection is the enemy of progress.

Bri Jones

Client Services Project Manager

East-Coaster turned Bay Area fanatic who loves to cook, ski, travel and craft unmatched programs with the most Clever brands.

Briana Mitchell

Membership Services Project Manager

Getting it done right, and on time, is my happy place - but dancing to Nelly songs while I wait for my letter from Hogwarts comes in a close second.

Brianna Gillett

Sales Director

LA native and eternal optimist with the uncanny ability to find the silver lining in everything. Sports fan, coffee addict, music lover and networking master.

Carmen Shiu

Senior Product Project Manager

The Olivia Pope of the Marketing team. If I'm not slaying projects or on social media, I'm looking for good eats, cuddling with my dogs, and/or rooting for my sports teams... while on social media.

Cat Lincoln

Founder & CEO

I say "what if" a lot. Also, "Yeah, we have budget for that." Wizard of #officeastrology, denizen of #themagicalcityofsf. Poet, photographer, #VIBRouge.

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Daloma Phillips

Membership Services Project Manager

When not at my desk, you'll find me chasing the sunshine. Long beach days, camping adventures and practicing the ukulele top my favorites list!

Edita Rodriguez

Vice President, Client & Membership Services

Recovering perfectionist. Keeper of the Velvet Glove. Ninja in training (figuratively and literally.)

Elyse Collett

Finance Manager

I am Clever when it comes to money. I invoice our clients and pay our bills.

Emily Beauregard

Inside Sales Representative

From Audrey Hepburn films to Sinatra tunes, I'm an old soul with a big passion in today's marketing culture: real people, real stories.

Frank Schneider


Veteran finance exec with extensive involvement as CFO for multiple privately held and VC-backed start-ups

Jennifer Jacobs

Senior Client Services Project Manager

Stickler for details and editing master. Healthy obsession with sparkly accessories, Giants baseball, and all things fashion.

Jenée Menconi

Client Services Project Manager

A curious old-soul with a passion for figuring out the “how” and “why” behind everything. My happy place is in the sunshine, listening (or dancing!) to live music with a glass of wine.

Jocelyn Hudak

Marketing Director, Sales Enablement

I can only work with music on. And the secret to our deal-closing, must-sign, sparkling proposals? I'll never tell . . .

Jody Hart

Vice President, Technology

I turn business needs into working platforms. I like systems architecture more than coffee. I have strong opinions on the Oxford comma.

Justin Robinson

Talent & Operations Senior Director

I'm your guy to "Just make it work". Passionate about getting things done right and having fun while doing them. Also, french fries > cupcakes any day.

Kayla Doty

Marketing Project Manager

Sharing the CLEVER story one project at a time. Find me with coffee in hand where the water meets the sand!

Kevin Van Lenten

VP, National Sales

As you all know, first prize is a Cadillac Eldorado. Anyone wanna see second prize? Second prize is a set of steak knives...and I already have steak knives. #ABC

Kristen Conley


Obsessed with typography. Inspired by travel. Lover of music. I seek to make things beautiful.

Kristy Sammis

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

RuPaul said, "If you can't hide it, decorate it" which is why I believe in flair. I turn "what ifs" into "yeah, we dids."

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Leah Nielsen

Finance Associate

Philippine born and Norcal raised. I assist the finance team with various projects and pay our clever influencers. Warriors fan. Lumpia making queen. Obsessed with poke.

Loreann Talbo

Membership Services Project Manager

Happy to make people happy. There's a good possibility there's hot sauce in my bag. (Swag.)

Mel Bergman

Sales Director

“Drink Some Coffee, Put on Some Hip-Hop, and Handle It”. I am a sales secret agent, working hard behind the scenes to make your life more Clever.

Melissa McGreevy

Client Services Project Manager

I live to laugh and love to meet new people. Music lover, concert goer, and #52HikeChallenge finisher. On a mission to visit as many national parks as possible in this life. But first, In-N-Out.

Micaela Green

Content Strategy Manager

From LA to the Bay! North Bay area transplant who appreciates the uniqueness of imperfect things. Remember don’t create roots, create wings.

Monica Padilla

Sales Operations Director

The client is POTUS and I'm the Secret Service team you send ahead of time to sweep the room of bugs and blind spots to ensure a safe arrival and successful campaign. I also love getting lost in our data caves.

Randi Eisenberg

Sales Director

Chicago born and raised, mildly obsessed with my goldendoodle Madison, love trying new restaurants, sparkling cocktails, traveling (preferably to warm climates) and developing custom solutions for my clients.

Robin Johnson

Program Director

Savvy program director with a passion for music, travel, social media and great mascara. Sparkles in client and influencer relations.

Sam Sammis

Program Director

I'm my happiest when we're all in the same boat, and it's my job to get us where we need to go. When I'm on land you can find me sipping on wine among the vineyards or hanging with my faves.

Sarah Matthews

Sales Director

East Coast Clever getting it done with glitter and sparkle every day.

Sheila Tabuena

Principal Engineer

I develop all our Clever Technology, from database to user interface. Our applications support our members, our campaigns and collect data of all kinds.

Stefania Pomponi

Founder, President & Chief Evangelist

Adventurer. Author. Founder. Hip Hopper. #Tabata Enthusiast. Party-Thrower. Do-Gooder. Rebel. Mamma. #saladbullshit #thisgirlcan

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Tori Canonge

Membership Services Project Manager

Midwest girl from the start, but Southern at heart. Football season = Frog Fever. There’s a good chance I’m eating some sort of dessert after the workday is over (ice cream cookie sandwiches for the win).

Vin Gonzales

Software Engineer

Dog lover and hacker in one little package. I turn clever ideas into beautiful code.

Our Clever Advisors

Peter Wooster


A professional in growing sales and making customers happy.

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Scott Monty


Strategic consultant, advisor, keynote speaker. More than a passing interest in Sherlock Holmes. Husband, dad, podcaster, writer, flâneur, and bon vivant.

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Susan Kimberlin


I am passionate about helping humans navigate and use the vast amount of information available to us.

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Tricia Salinero


Tech transactions make me happy. Mom to teen boys. Find me near coffee.

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